I am appalled at the boldness of illegal immigrants ignoring U.S. laws. They use their children as weapons because they know Americans are greatly concerned about children’s welfare. If they were convicted criminals, the state would take custody of their kids because children can’t be placed in jail with their parents.

So what is the difference?

Members of that approaching caravan are not migrants, as the media likes to represent them. Migrant workers have special visas and their employers provide them with housing.

Most Democrats in Congress are fighting against the wall that would not only stop illegal immigration but drug traffickers. So now the U.S. military will probably be put in the horrid position of stopping the invasion. That kind of standoff will not end well for anybody.

President Trump should divert money from the Central American countries where those people are coming from. U.S. taxpayers have been giving millions of hard-earned dollars to those countries for years, to no avail.

And build the wall.

Patricia Bernard, Lewiston

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