I believe that too much money is spent on education and in the wrong way. Buses go by my house all year, days and evenings. Schools were made to educate children, not cart them to every sporting event. We carted our kids and shared rides to events with our neighbors.

We fed our children during school days and the summer. Schools today are feeding breakfasts and lunches. The estimate that one-out-of-four kids are going to school hungry and are called food insufficient is just baloney. Where are the parents, if that is true?

A recent survey said one-out-of-four kids is obese. How can they be going to school hungry?

In the town of Roxbury, there are about 350 people. Many of the elderly are on small pensions and yet pay big taxes because of the schools. The town pays $27,013.63 per student per year.

Instead of making families self-sufficient and independent, the family structure is being destroyed by the welfare system. The system should be re-evaluated to find where the wasted money is being spent.

Is it true that there is one teacher for one special education child? I have to wonder if there are other people concerned about how education funds are being spent.

Robert Worthley, Roxbury

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