WILTON — Following a Site Plan Review Thursday, Nov. 1, the Wilton Planning Board granted a permit for a retail medical marijuana storefront. The store will also sell soil, nutrients and growing science materials.

Alden Sylvester, of Fayette, and a business partner plan to open Power Plant at the former Hayden Shoe Store, 410 U.S. Route 2 East. Both are registered caregivers, Sylvester said.

The permit for medical marijuana sales is contingent on the effective date of a new law and securing applicable state permits, such as fire inspection.

In July, the Legislature enacted LD 1539, an amendment to the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act. In part, the law authorizes registered caregivers to operate medical marijuana retail stores if a municipality has voted to generally allow them.

The law is expected to become effective on Dec. 12, said Code Enforcement Officer Charles Lavin.

At the Town Meeting in June, voters adopted an amended zoning ordinance which allows for marijuana retail sales, manufacturing and cultivation. The ordinance does not distinguish between adult-use and medical marijuana establishments.


“We are going to follow all the rules enacted by the state. There will be separately keyed locks to the bud storage room and we will have the necessary cameras in place,” said Sylvester. “Whatever the present set of rules that we are required to follow, we will follow.”

Sylvester said Maine Department of Health and Human Services will require remote access to the store security system in order to monitor the business. The system will also send a text to the business owners if there is questionable activity. Motion lights will work synchronously with motion detectors.

“We have the option of monitoring the system through a cell phone,” Sylvester said.

In the short term, Sylvester and his partner will be the only employees.

“If a few days into it I realize I need someone else, I will hire. Right now I am doing my best to keep opening costs to a minimum,” he said.

Sylvester said they hope to open the store Dec. 1 for soil and nutrient sales.


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