Based on the information printed in the Sun Journal (Nov. 8), the candidates for district attorney for the three counties, Androscoggin, Oxford and Franklin, that is, Seth Carey (R), and Andrew Robinson (D), had received the following vote totals as of press time: Seth Carey, 34,025; Andrew Robinson, 46,619. Obviously, Robinson is the winner

My question is, why did more than 34,000 people (42 percent) vote for a candidate, i.e. lawyer, for the position of district attorney whose license to practice law was/is currently under suspension and is subject to revocation within the next week or two?

I bear no ill will to Carey and sincerely hope he obtains assistance to enable him to return to his profession, but I do question the knowledge of 34,025 folks who voted for that individual to be the district attorney.

That is just scary.

Edmund Lewis, Farmington

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