Maine voters, as a group, seem incapable of making prudent decisions. First they legalize another street drug while in the midst of a serious drug problem in the state. Now they have made a sad joke of the election process.

I didn’t wish to see any of the four candidates for the Congressional 2nd District elected, so I didn’t vote for anyone running for that office. If I don’t want a candidate to win, I don’t vote for him or her. I am an independent with nothing at stake in that race.

However, I agree 100 percent with Bruce Poliquin’s reaction and would agree with any of the other three candidates if it were them being cheated out of a win.

What a sad day when Maine voters pass some ridiculous law, such as ranked-choice voting, whereby a candidate who wins by 2,000 voters can end up losing the election to someone with 2,000 fewer votes.

Hopefully, the courts will right the wrong. If not, it is time for that law to be repealed.

Dwight Mills, Greenwood

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