OXFORD — The Planning Board approved a preliminary application for an eight-house subdivision as complete, waiving a requirement for a soil and erosion control plan.

Tom Kennison of R&D Sales, asked the Planning Board at its November 8 meeting for the approval of completion and a waiver, for the eight-house, single family, subdivision on Scenic Heights Drive.

The waiver was requested because the road leading into the proposed subdivision has already been built to spec and reviewed by Code Enforcement Officer Joelle Corey-Whitman. She agreed the waiver for the soil erosion was appropriate in this case.

The proposed subdivision has two pre-existing houses at the top of the road that leads to some 28 acres on which the eight single family houses are being proposed on Scenic Heights Road, which is off of Robinson Hill Road.

Kennison said it will be up to the landowners as an association if they want to make it public and then they must approach town meeting to get voter approval for the town to take over the maintenance of the road.

There are currently two homes on the road and those homeowners maintain the road, snowplowing and such, Kennison said.

Kennison said the town has taken several private roads including Oakland Drive, Longview Drive and Whispering Pine, in the past, but it has also rejected others such as a private road in a subdivision off Plains Rd.

The final plan for Scenic Heights Rd. will be presented to the Planning Board for approval at a later date.


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