100 years ago: 1918

Henry Ford today announced his retirement from active participation in the management of the Ford Motor Company, complete control of the Ford interests in the company to be taken over by his son, Edsel. In making this announcement today, Mr. Ford said he intended to undertake the publication of a national weekly newspaper, dividing his time between the publication and his tractor industry.

50 years ago: 1968

Auburn’s Washburn School football team that captured first place in the Auburn Parks and Recreation Department flag football league received the trophy Thursday night in a gathering at the school. Norris E. Ingersoll, APRD superintendent, presented the trophy to Coach Hank Gagnon who then turned it over to school principal Charles Plummer. Team members were treated to hot dogs, potato chips and soda.

25 years ago: 1993

The Grange with its suppers, dances and plays — enriched otherwise bleak lives in rural Maine during the Grange’s heyday, the director of the Bethel Historical Society said last week. Stanley Russell Howe presented slides and a summary of his book on the history of the 123-year-old Maine Grange to Mount Sugarloaf Grangers and guests Thursday night. “The Grange’s most important contributions in retrospect appears to be the light it brought to countless rural families,” Howe said. “No other community organizations could touch the Grange in regard to its influence,” Howe said, adding, “Almost everyone living in Maine since the 1870s came to know that the Grange was the social and educational center of most rural families.” The Grange first made it possible for women to have a greater role In influencing the conduct of affairs on the local, regional and state.

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