The Jay – Livermore Falls Hunting Club got off to a great start. Beginning with archery season, Larry Lord bagged a 140 lbs, 6 pts buck! He also bagged a 108 lbs. male bear during bear hunting season. Another lucky bear hunter, Matt True shot a 242 lbs male bear during bear season.

Youth Day hunting saw Demitri Hand, bag a 60 lbs doe, Rhys Howard downed a 108 lbs. buck, and Evan Farmer dropped a 104 lbs. doe. Opening day on Oct 27 saw a very cold start to the morning and then the snow fell and left a couple inches for the afternoon hunt which would be perfect for hunting. Hunter’s that had a good opening day were George Newcomb III, with a 121.6 lbs. three-point buck, and Nick Pineau downed a 132.4 lbs. two-point buck. The first week of firearms came to an end seeing Ethan Castonguay getting a 150 lbs four-point buck, and Jaden Castonguay downing a 134 lbs, six-point buck, also Jeremy Richards dropped a nice 198 lbs. eight-point buck, great job, everyone!

The second full week of firearms ended with only one club hunter bagging his deer, Marc Hand downed a 138 lbs. six-point buck. Weather was a factor, as it was rainy and windy, starting to get cold.

Toby Kachnovich looks very proud of this 200.8 lbs. eight-point buck. That’s a lot of venison for the freezer!

During the third week lucky hunters who bagged their deer were, Larry Hand, got a doe 107.6 lbs, Toby Kachnovich brought down a big 200.8 lbs. eight-point buck, Johnny Castonguay dropped a nice 184 lbs. eight-point  buck, Caleb Stevens got a 96.8 lbs doe, Cole Richards got a 112.8 lbs, doe, Mike Pineau downed a 166 lbs. eight-point buck, and Jamin Pullen bagged a 113.8 lbs. and Tim Madden got a 122 lbs. doe, and rounding out the week was Adam Castonguay downing a huge 211 lbs 10-point buck, congrats to all member’s who bagged their deer. It was a good week for hunter’s having the snow on the ground! It has been a great season for the Castonguay family!

Adam Castonguay proudly grips the antlers of the 211 lbs 10-point buck that he bagged. Maine does have some big deer!

Well the firearms season came to a close and successful hunters who bagged their deer during the final week were:

Does – Brian Verrill a 123.8 lb doe, Caleb Stevens 98.8 lb. doe; Alex Grimadi, a 48.4 lb doe, Cole Richards a 112.8 lb. doe; Grace Harmatys, a 90 lb., Gene Allen, Sr., a 116.4 doe.

Those bagging bucks were Delance White a nice 162 lb., seven-point buck, Reece Davis, a two-point buck, Rod Bryant, a 118 lb, six-pointer, Rich Cushing a 156.8 lb eight-pointer; Lyndy Hayford, a 114.4, six-pointer, Chase Heikkenen, a 131 lb., six-point buck, Arnold Richards, a 149.8 lb. eight-pointer and Alfred Richards with a 149.8 lb., eight point buck.

Rhys Howard with his 108 lbs spike buck.

Congratulations to everyone who bagged their deer during the last week and good luck to anyone who plans on hunting with a muzzleloader for the next two weeks. That season ends Saturday, December 8.

The club wants to thank Brettun’s Variety for all they do for the hunting club, which is very much appreciated by all of us, please stop in for gas, great food, and friendly service and of course tagging deer and weighing them in. All deer in the club must be weighed in at Brettun’s Variety, where the club charts are located. Any questions, please contact Jeff Newcomb at 500 1489 or Larry Lord at 779 4306. Let’s hope everyone has a safe, great season!

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