Buckfield Bucks

Coaches: Jennifer Dobson and Vickie Dobson (second year)


Returning athletes: Senior —Wyatt Lewis; Juniors —Chloe Warren, Saige Collette.

Key losses: Meagan Strout, Marie Robertson, Cassidy Hart,

Promising newcomers:  Senior — Jenna Doucette; Freshman — Jackie Lee; Foreign Exchange students — Pim Phimraphat, Sofia Martinez Soriana.


What to expect: The Bucks feel like they have a really good vibe this year. This will help them work together better on the mats. The athletes are all very excited to be back and are already working hard towards new goals for the season.

Dirigo Cougars

Coach: Ami-Jo Arsenault (Third year)

Conference: MVC; Class: C South

Returning athletes: Juniors — Hayley Leavitt, Morgan Gallant; Sophomores — Kayleigh Hackett, Hailee Ellis, Elizabeth White, Karlei Carrier, Chadora Payne.

Key losses: Morgan Morrow, Elizabeth Gallant, Carly Welch, Jordan Holmquist.


Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Isabella Lindus, Jordan Knox, Abby Thibodeau.

What to expect: The Cougars want to keep working hard to build up a program with many newcomers. They are young this year, but have great work ethic and energy. The goal this season is to increase their difficulty and technique scores.

Edward Little Red Eddies

Coach: Ruby Hathorne (Fourth year)

Conference: KVAC; Class: A North

Last year’s results: Eighth at regionals


Returning athletes: Seniors — Alivia Storer, Alex Giasson, Mackenzie Ames, Emmalinda Walchli; Juniors — Bryanne Warren, Ruthie Beal, Makayla Strout, McKenna Muldoon, Sophmores — Ema Lamontange.

Promising newcomers: Sophomores — Alicia Sayler, Arianna Perez, Lexi Poison, Madison Coleman, Katie Strout; Freshman —Hailey Theriault.

What to expect: The team feels this will be a year that EL can get back to states. They have the strongest team that Ruby Hathorne has coached, with a lot of returning cheerleaders who are very motivated and the newcomers are a good fit with the team. They are meshing well with each other, and with some hard work they can have a successful season

Gray-New Gloucester Patriots

Coach: Melissa Burila (Fifth year)

Conference: WMC; Class: B South


Last year’s results: First at WMCs, runner-up at regionals, fifth at states.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Shawna Henry, Emily Fitz, Taylor Maclean, Killian Berry, Autumn Levier; Junior — Kayleigh Burrage; Sophomore — Abby Spinney, Jasmine Gamache, MacKenzie Baston.

Promising newcomers: Senior — Taylor Hewey; Junior — Brooke Hewey; Sophomore — Payson Huntington; Freshmen — Meadow Murray, Portia Gagnon, Abby Bouchard, Chelsea Ochtera, Makayla Dawson, Delia Shay, Devin Fitz.

What to expect: Though they only have three seniors and graduated seven girls from last year’s team, the Patriots look to have another solid season. Eighty percent of the team is freshmen and sophomores. They have great leadership from their upperclassmen and are looking forward to developing the underclassmen.

Leavitt Hornets

Coach: Stephanie Richardson (Second year)


Conference: KVAC; Class: B South

Last year’s results: Second at KVACs, third at regionals and sixth at states.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Jamie McGray, Hope Hutchinson, Allison Roux, Emma Polley, Adrianna Prosser; Juniors — Brielle Ouellette, Chloe Bellegarde.

Key losses: Karlee Barry, Sophie Fournier, Ally Nason, Paige Grant.

Promising newcomers: Senior — Linnea Olsson; Freshman — Megan Nason.

What to expect: This year, Leavitt is bringing a whole new look. The athletes have worked hard over the summer to improve upon their tumbling and stunting abilities. The girls have a whole new hunger for a win this year, and look forward to having the opportunity to be crowned champions. The coaches look forward to a fun and successful season.


Lewiston Blue Devils

Coach: Lysa (Laverdiere) McLemore (Fourth year)

Conference: KVAC; Class: A North

Last year’s results: KVAC Champions, regional and state runner up

Returning athletes: Seniors — Bry Bagnato, Jillian Pelletier, Kali Monteiro, Kaylyn Ritchie, Marissa Larock, Shelby Rucker, Sydney Hill; Juniors — Grace Porter, Katelyn Ingerson; Sophomore — Skylar Gelinas.

Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Aisha Caron, Aydrianna Bowman, Brianna Desjardins, Emily Lowe, Jocelyn Coons, Maisy Bolduc.


What to expect: The Blue Devils are very motivated and excited for the upcoming cheer season. This year’s team is comprised of a strong group of returning athletes, as well as many promising newcomers. Lewiston is off to a strong start already and the team plans to continue working hard on what is expected to be a successful, fun and exciting season ahead.

Lisbon Greyhounds

Coach: Nicole Adams (Sixth year)

Conference: MVC; Class: C South

Last year’s results: First in Class C South regional and second at Class C state championships.

Returning athletes: Senior — Olivia Clark; Juniors — Oceana Assignon, Emma Cleaves, Mykayla Harrington, Maranda Swett, Madison Valcourt, Vanessa Wasielewski; Sophomores — Amanda Bergin, Courtney Bonsaint, Makayla Driscoll, Madison Ryder, Reice St. Amant.


Key losses: Savannah Czechalski, Sydney Douglass, Emma Houle, Nikki Pagan, Kayla Roberts, Molly Ryder and Antigone Woodbury.

Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Grace Braley, Annika Golino, Reese McAtee, Jennifer St. Pierre, Trinity Trufant, Addisen Turcotte and McKenzie Ventry.

What to expect: Even though they graduated seven seniors from last season, the Greyhounds have a solid group of returning athletes. They have seen a championship and have the drive to make it there again.

Monmouth Academy Mustangs

Coach: Shannon Fields (fourth year)

Conference: MVC; Class: C South


Returning athletes: Morgan Crocker, Madeline Lombardo, Brie-Anna Bates, Alicen Burnham, Dani Dulac, Chloe Dwinal, Delany Houston, Rhayna Poulin

Key losses: Briana Jamison, Sarah Scott, Jenna Brown

Promising newcomers: Crystal Frandsen, Emma Gray, Kyleigh Gowell, Lily Turcotte, Jacob Umberhind

What to expect: This is Fields’ first year with a boy on the team, which she is really excited about. The team is larger than it has been in years, which gives them strength in numbers. Fields believes this is going to be a really big year for Monmouth.

Mountain Valley Falcons

Coach: Josette Duguay (Fourth year)


Conference: MVC; Class: B South

Last year’s results: Second at MVCs and fifth at regionals

Returning athletes: Seniors — Mackenzie Arsenault, Abbey Duguay, Ariana Viger, Sydney Woods; Juniors  — Hunter Blauvelt, Erin Landry; Sophomores — Gracie Farnum, Nicole Pelletier, Haley Richard.

Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Kenedi Arsenault, Taylor Duguay, Desiree Jenkins, Madison Kuykendall, Abby LeBlanc, Mathias Mason, Lauren Pepin

What to expect: The Falcons lost three veteran seniors last year but are excited with the talent of the upcoming freshmen and returning upperclassmen. They are looking at their score sheets from last year and really working on the areas they didn’t score as high in. This team is already showing the coaches the dedication and drive it takes to be a championship team.

Mt. Blue Cougars


Coach: Holly Harrington (26th year)

Conference: KVAC; Class: A North

Last year’s results: Sixth at Class A North regionals. 

Returning athletes: Seniors — Autumn Conklin, Josephine Damren, Lauren Gould, Valerie Jackson, Jenny Kerr, Lauren Pinkham, Kate Pond, Miriam Sinclair. Juniors — Valerianne Hinkley, Morgon-Ashli Macomber, Sylvia Williamson; Sophomores — Tricia Souther Bowering, Allyson Walsh, Haley Walsh.

Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Cassidy Starks; Freshmen — Jade Lewis, Alaina Wilkins

What to expect: The Cougars are in high hopes to improve their score from last year and earn a spot at the state competition for the fourth year in a row.


Oak Hill Raiders

Coach: Louise Gauthier (Fifth year)

Conference: MVC; Class: B South

Last year’s results: Eighth at Class B South regionals.

Returning athletes: Juniors — Peyton Wright, Kirstin Hahn, Autumn Byras, Mykayla Greenleaf; Sophomore — Kenzie Parker.

Promising newcomers: Seniors — Mackenzie Breton, Logan Michel; Juniors — Hailey Bean, Paris Johanson; Sophomore — Mariah Veilleux, Claire Shin; Freshman — Elsbeth Bates.


What to expect: The Raiders are dedicated and enthusiastic for the coming season. They have a good blend of upperclassman and newcomers, with a strong leadership group. With this group’s dedication and the willingness to work hard they will look to hold their own this season.

Oxford Hills Vikings

Coaches: Deborah Loveless (32nd year)

Conference: KVAC; Class: A South

Last year’s results: Third in KVAC, third in regionals, fourth at States

Returning athletes: Seniors — Jazmyne Cohen, Rachael Sawyer, Cassidy Walo; Sophomore — Hallie Stevens


Key losses — Marissa Morin, Jazz Newcomb, Lexi O’Neil, Sydney Rowell

Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Trinity Bernard, Bre Gosselin, Jasmin Hayer, Katie Toohey.

What to expect: The Vikings are a fairly young team, with several new members. After a strong finish last year, the girls are aiming to finish near the top in the state again in 2019.

Poland Knights

Coach: Tammy Swett (First year)

Conference: WMC; Class: B South


Returning athletes: Seniors — Hannah Gordan, Madison Haley; Junior — Haley Levasseur; Sophomores — Ashlyn Bosse, Gracie Sennett, Haley Bartlette.

Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Serenity Dyer; Freshmen — Emmalee Stevens, Kylie Thibodeau, Leanne Starr, Lillian Coltart.

What to expect: First-year coach Swett said the members of her team consistently demonstrate an ability to rise to challenges with their willingness to strengthen skills and work gracefully under pressure. They are learning to be effective communicators and tapping into their creative abilities to develop their own competitive routine. Each athlete is enthusiastic, energetic and determined in their contribution to the team’s overall success.

Spruce Mountain Phoenix

Coach: Nicole Mason (First year)

Conference: MVC; Class: B South

Returning athletes: Seniors — Anna Bradford, Harmony Castonguay, Hannah Maurais, Ashlyn Williams, Avery Williams; Juniors — Riley Gray, Marissa McMannus, Lila Ortega, Kassidy Thompson.

Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Taylor Nault; Freshman — Brittany Brown.

What to expect: The Phoenix are training really hard and the girls are trying hard to show they can be the best in Maine. With just 11 girls on the roster, each will have to give a little more to reach their goals this season.

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