OLD TOWN – US Customs and Border Protection have given the city a plan for the facility it is mulling at the city’s municipal airport at DeWitt Field.

CBP – typically better known as the Border Patrol – currently operates out of Houlton but is exploring the idea of a more centralized location in the state for its air and marine operations units., although its main offices for the region would remain in Houlton. The CBP would need a 70 foot by 70 foot hangar to house rotorcraft, and 2,500 square feet for office and command center space. The facility also would need JetA fuel, which DeWitt Field currently doesn’t offer.

Earlier this year, city officials said they were prepared to provide a turnkey operation at the airport for the CBP, which would include the new hangar and office and command center space built to CBP specifications. The facility also would require land access, vehicle parking, and a newly constructed aircraft apron.

City Manager Bill Mayo told the city council recently that a plan has been presented for the facility to be at the former Sewall hangar, A lease agreement is under review, with its terms seeming fine to CBP officials, said Mayo.

The lease that would include land, the building and a maintenance and operations fee. The monthly cost of that lease has been estimated at $5,500 per month.That would cover the cost of a bond that the city would need to cover the cost of the project, which has been estimated at $1.3 million.

If all goes well, the Border Patrol office would be up and running in Old Town next year, said Mayo.

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