I would like to see Maine’s new Democratic governor take action to help federal employees in Maine and their children, who are currently experiencing economic problems due to the shutdown.

I am not sure how Gov. Mills might do that … maybe utilize school buildings for after-school lodging and provide some meals, not only to the children, but to the parents. Perhaps she can just make sure that the children and parents are surviving and ask school counselors and DHHS to make sure that they are being fed and that they have a warm place to sleep.

I am willing to volunteer for such an effort, and I am sure that others would help if we had some guidance.

Thankfully, Maine now has a governor who is concerned about the children and parents in this state. Let’s all get together and solve this problem for Maine, and maybe the rest of the states will follow.

It is no child’s fault that Democrats and Republicans at the national level cannot agree. It is everyone’s fault if even one child goes hungry because the president of the United States won’t let the parents receive their pay.

Robert Hamm, Mexico