Leslie Martin and Chris Campbell Memorial Swim Meet

at Bates College


Girls’ Team Scores

1, Lewiston High School Swimming, 97. 2, Edward Little High School, 61.

Boys’ Team Scores

1, Lewiston High School Swimming, 89. 2, Edward Little High School, 46.

Girls 200 Medley Relay

1, Lewiston High School Swimming-ME ‘A’ (Emma Hawley, Brooke Cloutier, Melina Masselli, Taylor Belanger), 2:00.12Y. 2, Edward Little High School ‘A’ (Leila Chirayath, Kora Martel, Sam Poirier, Emma Hefty), 2:08.45Y. 3, Lewiston High School Swimming-ME ‘B’ (Abbie Howe, Abigail Small, Sophia Turgeon, Megan St. Cyr), 2:30.12Y. 4, Edward Little High School ‘B’ (Abigail Hart, Olivia DuBois, Abigail Fisher, Caelan McGuigan), 2:34.24Y. –, Lewiston High School Swimming-ME ‘C’ (Justus Estey-Powell, Libby Forgues, Zaria Milashouskas, Mikayla Tabor), DQ. –, Lewiston High School Swimming-ME ‘D’ (Mariam Andoniades, Lillith Price-Wharff, Paige Dymkoski, Ahna Dostie), XDQY.

Boys 200 Medley Relay

1, Lewiston High School Swimming-ME ‘A’ (Elijah Escobar, Hayden Bavis, Lucas Duncan, Jordan Carter), 1:57.16Y. 2, Edward Little High School ‘A’ (Noah Davis, Konnor Simpson, Brendan Whitman, Paul Dimitri), 2:15.32Y. 3, Lewiston High School Swimming-ME ‘B’ (Caleb Suli, Brandon Lynch, Nicholas Roy, Justin Ouellette), 2:32.14Y.

Girls 200 Freestyle

1, Brooke Cloutier, LEW-ME, 2:04.72Y. 2, Addi Dostie, EL, 2:16.08Y. 3, Ashley Cronkhite, LEW-ME, 2:16.93Y. 4, Megan St. Cyr, LEW-ME, 2:37.42Y. –, Anna Legare, LEW-ME, X2:40.44Y.

Boys 200 Freestyle

1, Caleb Suli, LEW-ME, 2:08.06Y. 2, Donovan Shaw, EL, 2:19.14Y.

Girls 200 IM

1, Emma Hefty, EL, 2:34.03Y. 2, Abbie Howe, LEW-ME, 2:49.73Y. 3, Sophia Turgeon, LEW-ME, 3:02.14Y. 4, Abigail Small, LEW-ME, 3:03.27Y.

Boys 200 IM

1, Hayden Bavis, LEW-ME, 2:23.33Y.

Girls 50 Freestyle

1, Taylor Belanger, LEW-ME, 27.15Y. 2, Leila Chirayath, EL, 27.72Y. 3, Melina Masselli, LEW-ME, 27.85Y. 4, Kate Bilodeau, LEW-ME, 29.32Y. 5, Abigail Hart,  EL, 31.61Y. 6, Caelan McGuigan, EL, 31.65Y. –, Ellena Frumiento, HEB, X28.35Y. –, Ellie Russell, STDOM, X30.97Y. –, Maddie Tyus, STDOM, X31.27Y. –, Abigail Fisher, EL, X32.75Y. –, Courtney Beaudoin, EL, X32.84Y. –, Jordan McKinnon-Cote, EL, X33.13Y. –, Ahna Dostie, LEW-ME, X33.75Y. –, Olivia DuBois, EL, X34.24Y. –, Emily Fournier, LEW-ME, X34.25Y. –, Libby Forgues, LEW-ME, X34.36Y. –, Molly Myrick, STDOM, X34.74Y. –, Elizabeth Knowlton, LEW-ME, X35.05Y. –, Paige Dymkoski, LEW-ME, X35.14Y. –, Natalie Adams, LEW-ME, X35.29Y. –, Emma Dionne, EL, X35.39Y. –, Miranda Heutz, LEW-ME, X35.43Y. –, Elena Clothier, LEW-ME, X35.62Y. –, Zaria Milashouskas, LEW-ME, X36.03Y. –, Anyssa Logan, EL, X36.06Y. –, Justus Estey-Powell,  LEW-ME, X36.29Y. –, Isabelle Cormier, LEW-ME, X37.05Y. –, Lauryn Griffey-Parks, LEW-ME, X37.45Y. –, Mariam Andoniades, LEW-ME, X37.88Y. –, Lillith Price-Wharff, LEW-ME, X38.39Y. –, Mikayla Tabor, LEW-ME, X38.44Y. –, Mya Kelsea, EL, X39.18Y. –, Olivia Moore, LEW-ME, X40.04Y. –, Rylee Barry,LEW-ME, X40.64Y. –, Teliah Viscone, LEW-ME, X49.91Y.

Boys 50 Freestyle

1, Brendan Whitman, EL, 23.77Y. 2, Isaac Madore, LEW-ME, 26.00Y. 3, Elijah Escobar, LEW-ME, 26.01Y. 4, Caleb Suli, LEW-ME, 26.60Y. 5, Konnor Simpson, EL, 28.82Y. –, Jordan Carter, LEW-ME, X26.84Y. –, Ethan Frumiento, HEB, X27.06Y. –, Dominic Daigle, LEW-ME, X27.91Y. –, Sam Davis, LEW-ME, X28.05Y. –, Nicholas Roy, LEW-ME, X28.71Y. –, Gage Smith, STDOM, X29.25Y. –, Jack Hart, EL, X29.26Y. –, Tyler Freeman, LEW-ME, X30.19Y. –, Noah Davis, EL, X30.45Y. –, Justin Ouellette, LEW-ME, X31.01Y. –, Andy Dolci, STDOM, X32.37Y. –, Brandon Lynch, LEW-ME, X33.17Y. –, Paul Dimitri, EL, X34.16Y. –, Garret Sampson, LEW-ME, X36.68Y.

Girls 100 Butterfly

1, Melina Masselli, LEW-ME, 1:09.85Y. 2, Sam Poirier, EL, 1:18.44Y. –, Jenna Boucher, LEVT, X1:16.31Y.

Boys 100 Butterfly

1, Lucas Duncan, LEW-ME, 1:09.31Y. –, Patrick Manson, STDOM, X1:18.45Y.

Girls 100 Freestyle

1, Brooke Cloutier, LEW-ME, 57.34Y. 2, Addi Dostie, EL, 1:02.32Y. 3, Kate Bilodeau, LEW-ME, 1:05.17Y. 4, Kora Martel, EL, 1:07.15Y. 5, Anna Legare, LEW-ME, 1:11.34Y. –, Ellena Frumiento, HEB, X1:02.63Y. –, Chloe Bilodeau, LEW-ME, X1:12.48Y. –, Sophia Turgeon, LEW-ME, X1:13.68Y. –, Isabelle Cormier, LEW-ME, X1:17.58Y. –, Ahna Dostie, LEW-ME, X1:18.07Y. –, Abigail Small, LEW-ME, X1:18.21Y. –, Miranda Heutz, LEW-ME, 1:18.69Y. –, Emily Fournier, LEW-ME, X1:19.35Y. –, Elena Clothier, LEW-ME, X1:19.43Y. –, Paige Dymkoski, LEW-ME, X1:20.75Y. –, Justus Estey-Powell, LEW-ME, X1:20.93Y. –, Zaria Milashouskas, LEW-ME, X1:22.00Y. –, Elizabeth Knowlton, LEW-ME, X1:22.14Y. –, Mariam Andoniades, LEW-ME, X1:26.90Y. –, Lauryn Griffey-Parks, LEW-ME, X1:26.99Y. –, Mikayla Tabor, LEW-ME, X1:27.57Y. –, Rylee Barry, LEW-ME, X1:31.26Y. –, Lillith Price-Wharff, LEW-ME, X1:32.45Y. –, Olivia Moore, LEW-ME, X1:35.86Y.

Boys 100 Freestyle

1, Brendan Whitman, EL, 52.97Y. 2, Isaac Madore, LEW-ME, 55.38Y. 3, Dominic Daigle, LEW-ME, 1:03.55Y. 4, Jordan Carter, LEW-ME, 1:04.43Y. 5, Jack Hart, EL, 1:05.65Y. –, Ethan Frumiento, HEB, X1:00.14Y. –, Sam Davis, LEW-ME, X1:08.59Y.

Girls 500 Freestyle

1, Emma Hefty, EL, 5:55.19Y. 2, Emma Hawley, LEW-ME, 5:55.23Y. 3, Ashley Cronkhite, LEW-ME, 6:22.64Y. 4, Megan St. Cyr, LEW-ME, 7:02.02Y.

Boys 500 Freestyle

1, Donovan Shaw, EL, 6:42.33Y. 2, Konnor Simpson, EL, 6:50.13Y. 3, Nicholas Roy, LEW-ME, 7:45.51Y. –, Andy Dolci, STDOM, X7:03.46Y.

Girls 200 Freestyle Relay

1, Lewiston High School Swimming-ME ‘A’ (Taylor Belanger, Kate Bilodeau, Melina Masselli, Brooke Cloutier), 1:47.93Y. 2, Edward Little High School ‘A’ (Sam Poirier, Caelan McGuigan, Kora Martel, Addi Dostie), 2:01.59Y. 3, Lewiston High School Swimming-ME ‘B’ (Anna Legare, Sophia Turgeon, Abbie Howe, Ashley Cronkhite), 2:06.48Y. 4, Edward Little High School ‘B’ (Jordan McKinnon-Cote, Olivia DuBois, Abigail Fisher, Abigail Hart), 2:12.64Y. 5, Lewiston High School Swimming-ME ‘C’ (Ahna Dostie, Paige Dymkoski, Lillith Price-Wharff, Chloe Bilodeau), x2:21.66Y. 6, Edward Little High School ‘C’ (Courtney Beaudoin, Anyssa Logan, Emma Dionne, Mya Kelsea), x2:23.87Y. –, Lewiston High School Swimming-ME ‘D’ (Mariam Andoniades, Teliah Viscone, Olivia Moore, Mikayla Tabor), X2:49.94Y.

Boys 200 Freestyle Relay

1, Lewiston High School Swimming-ME ‘A’ (Elijah Escobar, Hayden Bavis, Isaac Madore, Caleb Suli), 1:41.45Y. 2, Lewiston High School Swimming-ME ‘B’ (Jordan Carter, Tyler Freeman, Sam Davis, Dominic Daigle), 1:54.47Y. 3, Edward Little High School ‘A’ (Noah Davis, Jack Hart, Paul Dimitri, Donovan Shaw), 2:03.14Y.

Girls 100 Backstroke

1, Emma Hawley, LEW-ME, 1:09.85Y. 2, Leila Chirayath, EL, 1:10.49Y. 3, Abbie Howe, LEW-ME, 1:11.10Y. –, Jenna Boucher, LEVT, X1:15.72Y. –, Ellie Russell, STDOM, X1:25.34Y.

Boys 100 Backstroke

1, Elijah Escobar, LEW-ME, 1:02.52Y. 2, Noah Davis, EL, 1:24.53Y. 3, Justin Ouellette, LEW-ME, 1:28.24Y. –, Patrick Manson, STDOM, X1:24.65Y.

Girls 100 Breaststroke

1, Taylor Belanger, LEW-ME, 1:14.95Y. 2, Sam Poirier, EL, 1:26.40Y. 3, Kora Martel, EL, 1:26.98Y. 4, Chloe Bilodeau, LEW-ME, 1:39.70Y. 5, Olivia DuBois, EL, 1:40.20Y. 6, Libby Forgues, LEW-ME, 2:00.92Y. –, Maddie Tyus, STDOM, X1:25.70Y.

Boys 100 Breaststroke

1, Hayden Bavis, LEW-ME, 1:10.84Y. 2, Lucas Duncan, LEW-ME, 1:19.69Y. 3, Garret Sampson, LEW-ME, 1:27.85Y. –, Tyler Freeman, LEW-ME, X1:29.40Y. –, Brandon Lynch, LEW-ME, X1:48.34Y.

Girls 400 Freestyle Relay

1, Edward Little High School ‘A’ (Leila Chirayath, Caelan McGuigan, Emma Hefty, Addi Dostie), 4:21.86Y. 2, Lewiston High School Swimming-ME ‘A’ (Ashley Cronkhite, Kate Bilodeau, Anna Legare, Emma Hawley), 4:32.47Y. 3, Edward Little High School ‘B’ (Jordan McKinnon-Cote, Abigail Fisher, Abigail Hart, Courtney Beaudoin), 5:04.71Y. 4, Lewiston High School Swimming-ME ‘B’ (Abigail Small, Miranda Heutz, Libby Forgues, Megan St. Cyr), 5:17.61Y. 5, Lewiston High School Swimming-ME ‘C’ (Justus Estey-Powell, Elizabeth Knowlton, Isabelle Cormier, Zaria Milashouskas), x5:33.22Y. –, Lewiston High School Swimming-ME ‘D’ (Elena Clothier, Emily Fournier, Olivia Moore, Lauryn Griffey-Parks), X5:52.22Y.

Boys 400 Freestyle Relay

1, Edward Little High School ‘A’ (Brendan Whitman, Donovan Shaw, Konnor Simpson, Jack Hart), 4:09.27Y. 2, Lewiston High School Swimming-ME ‘A’ (Dominic Daigle, Nicholas Roy, Sam Davis, Isaac Madore), 4:20.78Y. 3, Lewiston High School Swimming-ME ‘B’ (Tyler Freeman, Justin Ouellette, Garret Sampson, Lucas Duncan), 5:04.66Y.


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