America has a problem. There exists a situation that puts this nation and democracy in clear and present danger — a president who seems to be living in a fantasy world and is putting this nation’s very existence in grave peril.

During the past few weeks, President Trump has claimed that ISIS was defeated, that North Korea had denuclearized, that Russia did not meddle in the November U.S. election, that Iran was violating its nuclear agreement, that climate change is a hoax and that America’s southern border is such a danger to national security that he will shut down the government — again — if he doesn’t get funding for a wall that meets his approval.

Recently, Trump’s own appointed, Senate-approved, national security leaders totally disagreed and discredited every one of those statements that Trump made.

I believe that President Trump has some serious issues and enough is enough. It is time to utilize the 25th Amendment and move Trump out of office.

Al Pelletier, Norway

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