President Trump has held meetings (no written records allowed) with America’s long-time enemy Vladimir Putin (interfered in U.S. elections). Trump thinks he has defeated ISIS, tamed Kim Jong Un and won’t listen to his military advisers.

According to The Washington Post, as of Jan. 20, the president has made more than 8,158 false or misleading statements during the first two years of his presidency.

He has demonized the press — one of the first things that all dictators do — trying to control the news.

He insults America’s overseas allies, women, the disabled, both Democrats and Republicans, LGBTQ people, people of color, and the military, while refusing to speak out against white supremacists.

He is the only president who has refused to make his tax records public and divest himself from profitable businesses.

The president’s actions are not those of a moral or religious person, yet his press secretary said recently “God wanted him to be president.”

Perhaps the real reason evangelicals love the president, but ignore his unchristian behavior is that he appoints anti-abortion judges. Behind evangelicals’ obsession with preventing abortion lies the fear that if women keep their abortion rights they will still be able to have control over their own bodies. “Equal rights” is a frightening idea for many men, which explains their hysteria over women like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

God wants Donald Trump to be president? Seriously?

I keep wondering why more churches and other religious groups don’t speak out publicly against the president’s fake Christianity.

Ellen Field, New Gloucester

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