The woman claims the object was baked inside a chicken sandwich that she got from a local Burger King. (WGME)

BELGRADE (WGME) — A woman from Belgrade, Maine claims she found a mysterious object inside her sandwich at a local fast food restaurant.

The woman claims the object was baked inside a chicken sandwich that she got from a local Burger King.

Tracy Malloy says she bought an original chicken sandwich Monday at the Burger King on Kennedy Memorial Drive in Waterville, when she claims she found a blue object inside the chicken patty.

“Took a bite and I looked down,” Malloy said. “I’m like, ‘Oh, what’s that blue thing in my sandwich?’ So, I took my finger and I touched it and it felt kind of rubbery.”

Tracy Malloy says she got her sandwich Monday afternoon at the drive-thru, but decided to go ahead and eat it in the parking lot. She says she’d eaten most of her sandwich when she spotted the object inside.


“Actually, there was chicken all through it,” Malloy said. “Cause it was baked right in.”

She says she took a photo after making the discovery.

She also says she took a video of her pulling the object out of the sandwich.

“Yeah, it was pretty gross,” Malloy said.

Malloy says she showed the manager and got a refund.

CBS 13 and FOX 23 reached out to Burger King’s district supervisor, who said they had no comment.


We also reached out to the media contacts for Burger King, but did not hear back from anyone.

Malloy says she filed a report with Burger King’s customer relations.

“And I haven’t heard back from anybody yet,” Malloy said.

Malloy says she has no plans to sue.

“No, I just want people to be safe,” Malloy said.

But she wants Burger King to trace the shipment of original chicken patties back to its source, and hopes the company will issue a recall.

“At least pull all their product, their chicken product, that they have out there,” Malloy said.

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