Alison Sundquist was sitting in her Old Orchard Beach home Wednesday night when she heard a loud crash.

She thought maybe a picture frame had fallen from the wall, but didn’t see anything out of place when she looked around.

“Another 10 minutes went by and I heard it again and now I was thinking someone was throwing rocks at my house because it was so loud,” Sundquist said.

As she walked into the room where she keeps three parakeets in a birdcage, a large owl smashed into the window. She screamed, waking her husband, Josh Sundquist.

“I explained to him what happened and at first he didn’t really believe me because who sees an owl at the beach in Old Orchard Beach,” she said.

Eager to prove what she had seen, Sundquist grabbed her phone and was recording when the owl again smashed into the window, seemingly peering in at the parakeets fluttering in their cage. The owl then sat on the outside edge of the window, staring in at the Sundquists.

Alison Sundquist said the three parakeets – Luigi, Mario and Princess – were flying around and seemed a bit freaked out by the situation.

“Eventually they got used to it, though, and probably thought they were safe in their cage,” she said.

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