DEAR SUN SPOTS: During a visit with my mother last week I learned that she graduated from Lewiston High School in 1939. I told her that she should attend her 80th class reunion. She laughed and said it will probably be just her. So I am wondering if there are any members of Lewiston High School, Class of 1939, still around today. Please contact me at [email protected] Thanks! — Dave, Monmouth

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Edward Little Class of 1969 Reunion Committee could use your help in finding lost addresses of class members. We are having our 50th class reunion on Saturday, Aug. 10, at Martindale Country Club in Auburn.

We are hoping to locate the following class members: Pamela Damon, Judith D. Kovats Davis, Denise R. Dube, Patricia C. Samson Ducharme, Daniel R. Dumont, Marguerite Bilodeau Gardner, Gerald F. Grant Jr., Sherly J. Hall, James L. Heimeri, Cathy A. Howes, Judith Krup Hureitz, Catherine Brown Knightly, Joyce T. Hanson Michaud, Donna M. Nadeau, Norman R. Poulin, Cathy Ann Ray, Pauline M. MacDonald Samson, Michael Sawtell, Rosette M. Pollard Stone and Ruth Plummer Wallingford.

Contact us on Facebook at ELHS Class of 69 or call Sheena (782-4194) or (Mona 577-5950.)

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I guess it’s my turn to receive a “pay it forward.” My sister and I were eating at Ellis’s restaurant in Dixfield and when we finished eating we were told that someone had paid for our meal. Maybe it’s because we are two old, white-haired ladies!

In any case, we both thank whoever did this kind act. It made our evening.—Gabrielle, no town

DEAR SUN SPOTS: We have several reels of old 16 mm family movies which we would like to view before possibly transferring them on to a CD. The cost to transfer all six reels is several hundred dollars. We would like to borrow, rent or buy a used, inexpensive 16mm movie projector in order to preview our movies.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me at 783-9035— Ann, no town

ANSWER: Readers have helped before with these “old-fashioned” gadgets. Let us know if you get the help you need!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m looking for a good home for a set of World Book encyclopedias. As most organizations and households have access to Internet, they may have a difficult time finding a new place to reside. They are in excellent condition and the price is right: FREE. Please contact me at 527-2537.—Julie, Norway

ANSWER: I’m wondering if an English as a Second Language class or tutor could use them. Also, the library most likely won’t want them, but they may have a recommendation for you.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Years ago we bought cookbooks from different Granges where members had contributed good recipes from their members. My books are now falling apart, but I still use them a lot. Do Granges in the Lewiston-Auburn area still sell them? If so, how can I buy them? I’m missing the good old days! Thanks so much for your help.—No name, no town

ANSWER: Those cookbooks, along with those from churches, schools and even libraries are priceless. The recipes tell a story and have so much love in them! Readers, please write in if you know where to get some of these special cookbooks.

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