West Paris — West Paris will hold its annual town meeting on Saturday March 2 at 10 a.m. at the Agnes Gray School Gymnasium.

Selectman John Eli White, M.S.A.D. 17 director William Rolfe and Water District Director will all be seeking re-election, according to town manager Wade Rainey. Choosing officers for these positions is article two on the town warrant.

Rainey said no one has yet to challenge them for their respective seat, but that nominations from the floor could be a possibility.

Besides article two, of the 44 Rainey said articles 16 and 39 are ones people may pay extra attention to.

Sixteen asks if citizens are willing to “vote to approve a town wide revaluation/equalization and appropriate $36,000 from the Town Woodlot Account (current balance of this account is $58,399). Estimated cost for revaluation is $90,000. The budget committee and selectmen have suggested the town approve the article.

Thirty-nine asks “to see if citizens will vote to raise and appropriate $1,000 for new American flags for the light poles to be used for the observance of patriotic holidays. The budget committee recommended $500 and the selectmen recommended $1,000.

To see what other articles focus on, residents can go to www.westparisme.com/ and click on the 2018 town meeting warrant on the websites front page.

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