Flames shoot from a home at 40 Sabattus Road in Sabattus on Thursday night. (Sun Journal photo by Mark LaFlamme)

SABATTUS — A family fled their burning home on Sabattus Road on Thursday night grabbing pets as they ran out into the cold barefoot and in pajamas.

No one was hurt, but a pair of dogs were believed to have perished in the flames.

Ann Dion, left, one of the owners of Uncle Moe’s Diner in Sabattus, opened the diner to provide coffee and cocoa to firefighters and victims. (Sun Journal photo by Mark LaFlamme) Sun Journal photo by Mark LaFlamme

The house at 40 Sabattus Road, across from Uncle Moe’s Diner, went up in flames at about 8:30 p.m. Witnesses said it appeared the flames began at the back of the home. However, a short time later flames were bursting out of windows at the front of the house, as well.

One man who was working in the area at the time said he ran over when he saw the flames glowing in the sky above the house.

“I saw that orange glow and I ran over here and just started grabbing dogs,” said 22-year-old Evan Esancy. “We helped the older lady out of the house and rolled her wheelchair cross the street.”

Esancy then drove one of the family vehicles away from the house and over to the parking lot at Uncle Moe’s Diner. The family took refuge there as firefighters battled the flames that devoured their house. Moe’s opened after hours to serve hot drinks and help the family stay warm.


Firefighters from Sabattus, Monmouth, Lewiston, Wales and Greene were still fighting the fire an hour after it was reported. They attacked flames from all sides of the house in temperatures that dipped down to near zero degrees.

Police blocked a long section of Sabattus Street in front of Uncle Moe’s Diner while crews fought the fire.

It was believed that six dogs had been rescued from the home, while two were missing.

Neighbors said roughly half a dozen people lived inside the home and had only moved in within the past year.

By 11 p.m., flames were still shooting out the top of the house. Thick, dark smoke from the fire could be seen as far away as Lewiston.

A small, single-story home next to the burning house remained untouched by the flames.

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