INDUSTRY — Two write-in candidates have stepped up to fill an empty selectman’s seat if elected by voters at the Saturday town meeting.

Stewart Durrell and Consuelo Webb have made last-minute offers to serve if elected to the three-year selectman’s position vacated by Dovey Balsam, according to Tax Collector Martha Wing. Voters will go to the polls from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday at the Town Hall and reconvene for the 2 p.m. town meeting for all other business. There are 36 articles on the warrant.

The total proposed budget for 2019 is $508,415, which is $51,471 more than was approved last year, according to Selectman Rob Geisser.

Last year, voters agreed to borrow $400,000 for paving town roads, so the first of four $100,000 payments is due this year. The annual report is dedicated to Charlie Churchill, who has served as the recycling station attendant for many years.

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