This is in response to Jason Levesque’s guest column (March 10).

I have lived in Auburn for 36 years, 31 of those on my farm. I don’t grow radishes with hydroponic technology on my farm; I grow trees. I have a tree farm. Our last harvest in 2016 produced wood for making lumber, veneer, toothpicks, firewood for heat and wood chips for electricity. My land is also home to deer, fox, coyote, beaver, opossum, porcupine, skunk, etc., and untold number of birds species. My Ag Zone land does not just “sit dormant.”

Does Levesque really think that 90 percent of Auburn’s population is bothered by the Ag Zone? Has he talked to the 20,000 or so people that figure would represent?

What is bothersome, really, is Levesque’s assertion that there is a “them vs. us” situation in the city. He says: “your taxes….” (meaning the 90 percent of Auburn folks supposedly bothered by the Ag Zone) “… subsidize their roads, their kids’ schooling and their trash pickup.” How is that for sowing discord?

I didn’t know that living in the Ag Zone made me one of “them.”

David Mireault, Auburn