I write to bring attention to the media and its contribution to the renewed anger and division in this country. The media categorizes people, putting them in their place. Why is it necessary to point out ethnics or gender while writing a story about someone?

For example, President Barack Obama was always referred to as America’s first African-American president. Would it be preferable to refer to him as a Harvard law professor?

President George W. Bush was never referred to as the 43rd white man to be elected.

By categorizing people, it places them in neat little slots.

Is it possible to eliminate the adjectives altogether and refer to people as Americans, not African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Korean-Americans, etc.? Isn’t it odd that people of European origin are not labeled, such as in my case, Scottish/Canadian? Is that another way to separate people further?

Women make up more than half of the world’s population. Is it necessary to point out first-woman this and first-woman that? Women have always made great strides in their accomplishments, but we do it quietly, with no need for fanfare.

Carole Richards, Livermore