A short time ago, children all over the world marched to bring the urgency of irreversible climate change to the attention of adults. It seems that we are sleepwalking over the edge of a cliff.

The “Green New Deal” also addresses climate pollution, but it will never get further than debate because too many people do not feel comfortable with it. It proposes sweeping, top-down changes without clear strategies.

However, people do not need to sleepwalk. “The Green New Deal” is not the only option. There is a bipartisan bill in Congress which can help address fossil fuel pollution right now: It is H.R. 763, the “Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019.” It proposes placing a fee on carbon pollution at the source, and because that will raise prices, redistributing the money directly to families. It is not a tax; it will not support government programs; it will help families deal with the rise in prices until companies make their own choices on how to create less-polluting energy.

Our representatives and senators should support that sensible legislation. Let’s wake up and take this first step away from the cliff.

Andrea AskenDunn, Harrison