Understanding that my views seem to be in the minority with regard to the #MeToo movement and the “politically correct” thinking that has taken over most of this country, I trundle ahead regardless.

For the “politically correct” police, all I can say is that their ardor and fight to make all language bland and robbed of much meaning needs more thought. They should seriously consider taking up a cause with at least a modicum of reality. Truth and the realization that blind conformity is a lot about “1984.” (Look it up.)

#MeToo, on the other hand, seems to me to host a hidden or, at least, an unrealized time bomb. What they are really espousing is that any woman who has a real, or imagined, slight or awkwardness, or a space infringement attack, should be believed and the brutish culprit brought to real and serious retribution.

Before I get any hate mail, I am not referring to the real physical and/or emotional, life-changing traumas that far too many women suffer in this un-American-like atmosphere that now exists. For that, I support and applaud them will all my heart.

But, if we are to automatically believe every woman’s claim, we must automatically also believe that every accused man is guilty.

If #MeToo is to work, it must include women infringing on women and men infringing on men. And, above all else, honest respect for all people.

Dick Rosenberg, Lewiston