Coach: Rebecca Hefty (fourth year)

Class: A; Conference: KVAC

Returning athletes: Girls — Ella Boucher, Emma Hefty, Lily Vincent, Lindy Hyndman, Hanna Roy, Julia Berube, Olivia Jalbert, Emma Allen, Jaylyn Metivier, Jillian Richardson, Kiara Fournier, Sofia Hartley; Boys — Aiden Morrison, Cameron Langlois, Jacob Jackson, James Pawlina, Noah Peck, Ben Strong, Misha Boulet, Brendan Whitman, Ethan Tardif, Jon Knight, Jordy Jimenez, Kevin Haskell, Michael Gary, Oliver Hall.

Promising newcomers: Girls — Brooklyn Alexander, Giana Boulet, Kim Torres, Natalie Garcia, Nikki Clark, Princess Monday, Shelbi Teechan, Thea Langelier, Sarah Charest; Boys — Cooper Dunn, John Shea, Josh Lavigne, Marcus Morton, Simon Hall, Will Sampson, Keegan Mennealy, Viktor Tripp, Riley Gilpatrick, Xavier Miranda.

Season outlook: Both the boys and girls teams are looking primed to defend their KVAC titles, the girls four a fourth consecutive year. The girls return so much talent that coach Rebecca Hefty believes they’ll challenge for a state title. The boys team loses 11 scoring seniors but have a lot of promising up-and-coming talent.



Coaches: Todd Mercer (12th year), Mike Griffin (fourth year).

Class: B; Conference: WMC

Returning athletes: Zoe Barnes, Nicole Cobb, Abby Chandler, Abby Dulac, Sarah Fecteau, Jasmine French, Kaleb Frey, Nathanial Gendreau, Emily Hargraves, Cece Keddy, Jacob MacCallum, Allison MacDonald, Ruby Pfeifle, Lindsay Pierce, Kassidy Plummer, Madison Post, Erica Schlichting, Caitlyn Smith, Madison Soule, Emily Terranova, Megan Reynolds.

Promising newcomers: Grace Begin, Cody Benson, Alec Brooks, Keegan Brooks, Kayleigh Burrage, Emma West.

Season outlook: Mercer believes he has a team that can cause some problems for the top of the WMC. Madison Post will look to lead the Gray-NG girls team in her final season and challenge for the state 400-meter title. The Patriots also have talent in the throws, pole vault and relays.



Coach: Meredith Hanby (third year)

Returning athletes: Eliza Quinones, Cara Hu, Ellena Frumiento, Cynthia Rose, Morgan Bussiere.

Promising newcomers: Devin Weir, Iban Teixeira Biaye, Jaylon Tucker, Jordan Kahan, Jakob Lundstrom.

Season outlook: Hanby is excited about the amount of athletes she has that are multi-event athletes. She says the team is ready for its first meet and she has kids who are ready to take risks and try events they haven’t before.



Coaches: Jamie Juntura (sixth year), Sara Thurston (third year), Isaiah Davis (second Year)

Class: B; Conference: KVAC

Returning athletes: Blake Barkman, Isaiah Boehm, Dasean Calder, Blaine Clark, Ethan Demerchant, Rufino Driscoll, Logan Girard, Stephen Gray, Garrett Jabbusch, Carter Johanson, Camden Jordan, Ian Leadbetter, Zackary Morrison, Riley Parmenter, Ben Stone, Nick Tirrell, Roy Varney, Everet Varney, Ethan Weston, Vangjel Xhollo, Trevor Lafrance, Adam Goddard, Kaitlyn Anair, Chloe Bellegarde, Keyana Benson, Tamra Benson, Jenna Boucher, Ashlyn Jalbert, Emily Lebel, Madison Lenfest, Jaidyn Negley, Ava Petrin, Heaven Russell, Eryn Ryan, Shyahn Searles, Aaliyah Trask, Tessa Wadsworth, Destinee White, Chelsea Freda.

Promising newcomers: Thomas Casey, Damien Calder, Jack Boutaugh, Kaleb Berube, Kaleb Bell, Manny Driscoll, Ben Farris, Trevor Porier, Robert Oliver, Reeve Twitchell, Jacob Wilcox, Kayleigh Gilbert, Margo Kenyon, Marta Riva, Molly Sirois, Libby McIntyre, Kaitlyn Bilodeau, Kaylee Bellmore, Bailey Whitcomb, Abbey Bays.

Season outlook: The Leavitt girls team has a lot of potential with veteran athletes in the sprints, jumps and distance events. The team is expecting some newcomers to also step up to make a splash in the conference and state meets. The boys team has veteran leadership and newcomers could help score in big meets.



Coach: Paul Soracco (fifth year)

Class: A; Conference: KVAC

Last year’s results: Boys — Second in KVAC, seventh at state championship; Girls — Fifth in KVAC, 15th at state championships.

Returning Athletes: Seniors — Maria Bellegarde, Brooke Cloutier, Madison Roy, Zaid Teklu, Kamundala Crispin, Enock Citenga, Nick Roy, Maurice Beaulieu, Gabe Labonte, Markus Davis, Moubarek Abdourahman, Asad Abukar; Juniors — Maria Bellegarde, Chelsea Beaudry, Laila Bunnitt, Benedict Citenga, Kenzie Langley, Katrina Bolduc, Jeremiah Williams, Noor Shidad, Elijah Escobar, Kyle Ogden, Jordan Carter; Sophomores — Sydney Roy, Corbin Martel, Dylon Jackson.

Promising newcomers: Amelia Wedderburn, Jorja Flynn, Aydrianna Bowman, Alexis Freeman, Josianna Spearman, Nigel Katende, Abdirazak Abukar, Jabreel Muhammed-Aceto, Donovan Jackson, Alem Vassell.

Key losses: Taylor Chamberlain, Hafido Awil, Jenna Burton, Davion Jackson, Isiah Leach, Ryan Marley, Connor Kaplinger.


Season outlook: The girls team has depth in many areas, including the sprints and throws. The boys team has state-level talent in the jumps and throws. Both teams are pretty balanced.


Coaches: Dean Hall (41st year), Hank Fuller (32nd year), Doug Sautter (23rd year), Dan Sylvester (21st year)

Class: C; Conference: MVC

Last year’s results: Boys — First in MVC, seventh at state championships; Girls — First in MVC, 18th at state championships.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Jordan Ott (sprints), Alan Lavoie (racewalk- throws), David Schlotterbeck (distance), Geoffrey Shambarger (racewalk /distance), Seth Tapley (jumps), Isaiah Thompson (sprints/ jumps/throws); Juniors — Daniel Bolton (jumps), Cameron Bourget (hurdles), Alex Cole (hurdles), Cody Decatur (sprints-jumps), Corbin Hall, (racewalk /distance) Seth Leeman (hurdles/jumps), Izaya May (jumps/distance), Dave Poulin (distance), Michael Ray (distance), Kadrian Rugullies (distance); Sophomores — Makenzey Bedford (sprints), Destiney Deschaines (hurdles/jumps), Emma Willey (racewalk /distance), Adrian Blake (jumps-sprints), Max Boulet (distance) Tristan Lavoie (jumps-sprints), Garrett Perron (throws).


Promising newcomers: Damion LaGue, Hunter Burhardt, Darien Davis, Elijah Fullerton, Zachary Kudlow, Robert Kudlow, Aidan Laviolette, Luis Mockler, Wyatt Perron, Samantha Bailey, Allyson Barbay, Audrey Bauer, Gabby Chessie, Rachel Duguay, Delaina Ferrell, Macie Fletcher, Brianna Foley, Haley Gunn, Abby Lucas, Reese McAtee, Amelia Mooney, Naomi Obenhaus, Mackenna Poisson, Mayayla Pollard, Madyson Ramsey, Acadia Rugullies, Jessica Schlotterbeck.

Season outlook: Lisbon is teaming with Oak Hill this season to enable both schools to be able to compete. The co-op team has a lot of depth and talent returning.


Coaches: Tom Menendez (14th year), Norm Thombs (13th year)

Class: C; Conference: MVC

Returning athletes: Destiny Clough, Libby Clement, Jocelyn Coffin, Amber Currie, Chloe Dwinell, Audrey Fletcher, Kaitlin Hunt, Anna Lewis, Lydia Mador, Hannah Levesque, Caitlyn Kenney, Lydia Roy, Mya Sirois, Alexis Trott, Anna Vanvalkenburgh, Grace Vierling, Delaney Willey, Evan Burnell, Joe Crocker, Mike Dolan, Logan Farr, Kyle Gunnells, Jason Kulinski, TJ Lewis, Gabe Martin, Jared Martin, Ben Story.


Season outlook: Monmouth lost 20 athletes to graduation, many of whom were scorers at the MVC championship meet. The boys team is looking but lacks the depth it had a year ago, while the girls squad has good depth but needs to see improvement to continue Monmouth’s yearly success.


Coaches: JT Taylor (eighth year), Adam Curato (eighth year)

Class: C; Conference: MVC

Last year’s record: Boys — Fifth in MVC, fifth in state championship; Girls — Sixth in MVC, 13th in state championship.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Draven Finnegan (jumps, throws), Cam Chase (distance), Faith Riddick (middle distance); Juniors — Taylor Pelletier (jumps), Montana Averill (throws), Jasper Turner (sprints), Noah Stickney (racewalk), Damien Arsenault (distance), Cloey Ledesma (jumps), Jennifer Boudreau (race walk); Sophomores — Nathanael Coleman (distance), Riley Bedard (sprints), Averie Pingree (throws), Meadow Wind, Alexis Allegra (sprints), Sophia Ladd (sprints).


Key losses: Chris Glover, Cameron Payne, Nate White, Espen Lamberg, Lauren Sterling, Abigail Blauvelt, Alyssa Akers.

Promising newcomers: Alexei Rodriguez, Trevor Gallant, Evan Breau, Gabe Winson, Terrance Beaulieu, Andrew Bishop.

Season outlook: Both Mountain Valley teams are in the process of replacing talented athletes lost to graduation. The boys team has talent in the jumps and the distance events but needs underclassmen to step up. The girls team has a lot of speed but also needs younger athletes to fill holes.


Coach: Kelley Cullenberg (26th year)

Class: B; Conference: KVAC


Last years results: Boys — Ninth in KVAC, 15th at state championship; Girls — 10th in KVAC, 14th at state championship.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Annaset Jackson (distance), Beth Nicholas (middle distance), Jesse Dalton (distance), Jacob Mealey (middle distance), Mat Otte (middle distance); Juniors — Kahryn Cullenberg (distance), Laura Gunter (throws), Julia Hatch (race walk), Allison Hodgdon (racewalk), Katie Holmes (racewalk), Hailey Kaminsky (sprints), Logan Dolbier (sprints), Evan Hornbach (middle distance), Kevon Johnson (sprints), Clayton McCarthy (sprints), Ethan McIntosh (middle distance), Preston Ross (hurdles); Sophomores — Grace Dalton (middle distance), Emma White (sprints).

Promising newcomers: Gracie Ward (distance), Emma Charles (distance), Abbie Cramer (sprints), Anna Hyde (hurdles), Brynne Robbins (middle distance), Lucien Hammond (middle distance), Logan Holmes (middle distance), Isaiah Doscinski (middle distance), Sam Godspeed (sprints).

Season Outlook: The Mt. Blue numbers are down on both the boys and girls teams, however each team returns talent in many areas. Kahryn Cullenberg and Sam Smith are two talented distance runners that look to lead a group of veteran and new track athletes.


Coaches: Luc Roy (13th year), Nate Danforth (20th year)


Class: A; Conference: KVAC

Returning athletes: Seniors — Jadah Adams, Noah Currier, Halle James, Alexi Knight, Travis May, Sydni Rice; Juniors — Abigail Cassidy, Rachel Chase, Jordyn Gates, Timothy Hilligoss, Emma McFarland, Riley McGough, Ruby Morrison, Samuel Morton, Kyle Willis; Sophomores — Megan Bickford, Josh Cabral, Steven Canklin, Aaron Card, Liam Childs, Justice Dailey, Colin Edwards, Christopher Hall, Harrison Hartnett, Christain Hayer, Hayden Paine, Brendan Richardson.

Promising newcomers: Joseph Beaudet, Alexandria Bennoit, Grace Boothby, Trevor Danforth, Kamryn Grover, Jasmin Hayer, Logan Reynolds, Cole Dunham, Isaac Roy, Henry Swift, Hakon Teceno, Trevor Ward, Tristan White.

Season outlook: Oxford Hills has a smaller team this year but returns veteran athletes in many different events.


Coach: Rick Kramer (fifth year)


Class: B; Conference: WMC

Key losses: Gaebrial Bouchard, Kyle Greene, Sean Shanahan, Sam Stone, Matt Theberge, Lucas Yorkey, Sam Walker; Girls — Desiree Wante, Sam Halmos, Sydney Gosselin,  Katelynn Greene.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Sam Benedict,  Jacob Gagnon, Sophia Martin; Juniors — Ben Pittman, Matt Walker, Kayla Ogden, Nevaeh Longchamps, Faith Davis, Mia Turkington, Olivia Oullette, Autumn Willis; Sophomores — Tim Brienza, Alexis Antonelli, Madison Wante, Halie Vachon, Evan Kelly, Lucas Moulton.

Promising newcomers: Ellen Marquis Boutin, Layla Reed, Lucas Frechette, Tory Davis, Riley Day.

Season outlook: Poland has more than 80 athletes this season. The girls team is looking to defend its WMC title, while both teams expect to be at the top in the latter half of the season.



Coach: Jay Lindsey (second year)

Last year’s results: Boys — ninth at MVC; Girls — third at MVC.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Emily White (racewalk, 800), Ashlyn Williams (relays, hurdles), Avery Williams (LJ, TJ), Zak Toothaker (sprints, jumps), Bryce Chavez (hurdles, distance); Juniors — Riley Gray (hurdles), Isabelle Castonguay (racewalk, distance), Brandon Grey (100, HJ), Brandon Coates (100, 200); Sophomores — Aurianna Armandi (racewalk, relays), Abby Drummond (sprints, hurdles, LJ, TJ).

Promising newcomers: Ella Plourde (sprints, hurdles, HJ), Paris Howes (hurdles, HJ), Tayelor Fidiam (sprints, hurdles), Carson Gross (HJ, hurdles, distance), Joel Soper (distance), Colby Hamblin (distance), Camden Phillips (sprints, relays), Nick Pepe (distance).

Season outlook: Spruce Mountain is hoping to rely on its core veteran group to help lead the team while also helping the younger athletes improve. The Phoenix are looking to develop young talent to help fill in the experience gaps. Lindsey is hoping both teams improve over last year’s finishes.



Coach: Dan Campbell (first year)

Class: C; Conference: WMC

Returning athletes: Sarah Brown, Emily Gerencer, Bugsy Hammerton, Grace Girardin, Abbie Zanoi, Luisa Geyer-Shaheen, Amelia Fortin, Mark D’Alessandro, Liam Levesauer, NickWelsh, Gerclin Huang.

Promising newcomers: Logan Welch, Carlo Cabrera, Albert Knape, Lenord Knape, Ana Moreno, Hannah Kenny.

Season outlook: Both the boys and girls squads at St. Dom’s have talented runners who are looking to score in the conference and state meets. New coach Dan Campbell is calling his small, yet talented group “The mouse that roared.”



Coach: Dave Leclerc (18th year)

Class: C; Conference: MVC

Returning athletes: Seniors — Emily Hanscom, Kaitlee Killam, Michael Jones; Junior — Calla Orino; Sophomores — Livia Doucette, Maddie Hallett.

Promising newcomers: Dylan Duclos, Addie Charrette, Sophie Hanscom, Talia Paaso, Leah Kimball, Jake Chiasson, Myles Lilly, Braydon Stevens, Caleb Mitchell, E.B. Hoff.

Season outlook: Telstar is ready for the season. While small, the Rebels have a few standout performers that look to lead the team, veterans and newcomers alike.



Coaches: Ed Van Tassel (13th year), Cam Fecteau, Tiff Shaw

Class: C; Conference: MVC

Returning athletes: Senior — Michael Morales; Juniors — Maya Deming, Jillian Schmelzer, Gia Francis, Aaliyah WilsonFalcone, Shane Tweedie, Zak St. Germain; Sophomores — Teresa Siniak, Chase Keezer, Aidan Mitchell.

Promising newcomers: John Rufty, Caleb Carson, Alex De La Cruz, Alex Robertson, Liam Callahan, Loal Vance, Chase Graves, Chase Cloutier, Jayden Peters, Josh Lucas, Justin Ferguson, Maleeq Macia, CJ Robertson.

Season outlook: Winthrop is a young team that is looking to improve from last year. The Ramblers feature veteran athletes in the sprint events.

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