Wow! Mary Jane Newell really, really has a problem with Democrats. She made that very clear in her letter to the editor (March 23) in which she accused Democrats of being a shameful, shameful communism-driven bunch of “losers and hypocrites.” As one of “them,” I am greatly offended being characterized as such.

Nothing could be further from the truth, and addressing her message of what she believes Democrats support is a waste of good print. Fortunately, the whipping post and other forms of public humiliation were outlawed many years ago or we would be lining up for 40 lashes. Instead, we line up to vote for the candidates of our choice without fear of punishment, which levels the playing field — so to speak.

It is Newell’s prerogative to follow a president who often tweets and/or speaks at his rallies a litany of lies and misleading statements and who would happily run the Constitution through a shredding machine. He insults anyone and everyone who dares to criticize him.

Then there is Mike Pompeo’s recent statement: “Perhaps Trump is, like the Bible’s Esther, meant to save the Jewish from Iran.”


The Republicans I know — including the majority of my own family and friends — and I can have heated discussions on our differences, but, in the end, respect that we can have those differences without being accused of paving the road to communism for the downfall of the U.S. we all love.

MAGA — Make America Great Again? How about MAUA — Make America United Again?

Shirley Babb, Auburn

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