President Donald J. Trump is the closest, I believe, we have come to a dictator. Being the bully in the schoolyard, he constantly attacks anyone he perceives isn’t in line with what he sees.

As much as I would like to blame the people for electing him, I place more blame on Congress for allowing him to bring the presidency to where it is now. He acts and talks in a way that fosters/praises himself, and only himself. He considers himself the smartest man in the country and certainly acts in a vain, self-serving manner, with little attention to corrective input from his experienced political advisers.

In all my years I don’t ever remember seeing or hearing from our president on a daily basis. We see and hear way too much, too often, from him. His constant barrage of tweeting gets to the point of infuriating.

Endless costly trips to Florida, rallies, etc. He is always in campaign mode, feeding his need for attention and telling everyone just how wonderful he is. His constant claims of having done more than any previous president.

He certainly has done more negative damage to our country than any previous president. We are all awaiting immigration reform, infrastructure work, and health care reform which he always seems to mention, but always blames the Democrats for lack of results. To Trump there’s only him and the Democrats. He never blames Republicans for lack of results.

Marc Jalbert, Lewiston

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