An article by Kevin Miller (April 22) included the headline “‘Red flag’ gun bill draws hours of emotional testimony.” The bill, LD 1213, was before a legislative committee hearing.

That brings to mind, why is testimony about a gun bill so emotional? Shouldn’t such bills be debated with sound logic, rather than emotion?

It is obvious that the anti-gun advocates are extremely emotional about the issue and are not using sound logic or practical thought in their rush to equate guns with evil. The emotional “red flag” people have been deluded by the out-of-state money to create step one to the complete confiscation of all guns — as New Zealand is doing today — all in the name of emotion.

Taking away all guns does not change the evil intent of persons wishing to do harm to others. Perhaps liberals don’t care if passage of such a bill results in some people being killed as they defend their Constitutional right.

Why not make cars illegal to solve the OUI problem? After all, if it saved one life, it would be worth it. Wouldn’t it?

George Fogg, North Yarmouth