As a retired manufacturing engineering manager and former town manager, I fully realize the importance of a leadership team environment. Today, in my municipality, teamwork is viewed as non-existent, which defines dysfunction. Listening, preparing for discussion and compromise are essential leadership qualities.

A dire need exists in Rumford to find ways to lower taxes and promote higher-paying job opportunities. The Rumford leadership team must focus on both new revenues and cost reductions. A new “focus” must become action-oriented, with measurements that are observable by the voting, taxpaying stakeholders and the news organizations.

Rumford desperately needs an effective, organized, full-time town manager and five effective members of the select board.

Steve Dyment’s candidacy to fill one of two select board openings brings the promise of his time and common-sense energy, without fanfare, to the town’s leadership hopes.

I hope numerous voters will join me in support of Steve Dyment.

Len Greaney, Rumford

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