PARIS — Selectmen voted unanimously Monday night to amend the town meeting warrant article on the amount of money recommended for the Paris Public Library.

In a public hearing on the proposed June warrant, selectmen said there was a misunderstanding about funding the public library on Main Street.

Eight of 11 Paris Public Library trustees questioned the amount listed in the proposed warrant article.

The public library budget includes money to operate the Hamlin Memorial Library & Musuem on Paris Hill.

The draft article recommended a total of $174,500, with $170,500 of it for the public library and $4,000 for the Hamlin library. That meant a $3,500 decrease for the public library from current spending.

Selectmen said they thought money could be taken from the library’s capital reserve fund to cover operational costs.

Library Director Mike Dignan said that is not legal.

Board of Selectmen Chairman Rusty Brackett proposed amending the article to recommend a total of $179,500, with $175,500 for the public library and $4,000 for Hamlin library.

Under the changes, the capital reserve fund, previously called the Paris Library Roof Fund, will be renamed to remove the reference to the roof.

After the hearing, resident Dennis Creaser asked selectmen to consider adopting a Second Amendment sanctuary resolution. He said he was inspired to introduce the concept after reading that two Rhode Island towns — Hopkinton and Richmond — considered similar measures.

The resolution “declares Hopkinton’s support for the Second Amendment and the protection of “Hopkinton Citizens’ inalienable and individual right to keep and bear arms” and is a direct response to municipalities declaring themselves “sanctuary cities,” according to news accounts in the Westerly Sun in Rhode Island.

The terminology asserting local control echoes the sanctuary city movement in Europe and North America, according to coverage in the newspaper. Numerous local and state governments have proclaimed themselves as welcoming immigrants and asylum-seekers and have sought to limit their cooperation with national immigration enforcement efforts. Providence and Rhode Island have adopted these policies.

No action was taken at Monday night’s meeting, but the board agreed to add the issue to the agenda for its next meeting.

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