Rachel Desgrosseilliers, executive director of Museum L-A, looks over some of the artifacts Tuesday that must be moved from Bates Mill No. 1 to make room for the expansion of Grand Rounds, a health care company.

LEWISTON — Museum L-A needs volunteers from May 21 to 30 to help move museum artifacts from Bates Mill No. 1 to Bates Mill No. 2 because of ongoing construction.

Rachel Desgrosseilliers, executive director of Museum L-A, said as Grand Rounds health care company prepares to expand its business into the top two floors of the mill, the museum has had to relocate many of its artifacts from one section of the mill to the other.

The latest round of renovations is encroaching on the storage area where many of Museum L-A’s artifacts are kept.

“We just moved our heirloom silkscreens last week to make room for the construction,” Desgrosseilliers said. “This time, in order to get the silkscreens to the new location, we’re going to need to remove a window from the mill and use scissor-lift trucks to get them down from the third floor and into Bates Mill No. 2.”

Desgrosseilliers said the museum does not have the manpower or the budget to rent scissor lifts or to pay people to move the artifacts.

“We’re looking for able-bodied volunteers to help us move things,” she said. “We also are looking for someone to loan us two scissor-lift trucks to move the silkscreens.”

She said the museum will also need a dumpster for items that have no historic value or are no longer needed, such as graphics from old exhibits.

Desgrosseilliers said the artifacts will remain at Bates Mill No. 2 until Museum L-A moves into its new location at 1 Beech St., the location of the former Camden Yarns Mill.

Those interested in volunteering should contact Desgrosseilliers at 333-3881.

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