POLAND — Regional School Unit 16 residents voted 287-91 on Tuesday night to pass a $22.5 million budget for 2019-20.

They also voted 277-97 to continue the practice of voting on the annual budget at a districtwide meeting.

The budget represents an increase of less than 1% from current spending. It includes money for  full-time counselors at Elm Street and Minot Consolidated schools, a literacy coach and updating the wireless technology for grades kindergarten through six.

The spending plan also includes the first payment on a loan to renovate Bruce M. Whittier Middle School in Poland and money for the adult education program.

The annual tax impact on a property valued at $100,000 is a $23.73 increase in Mechanic Falls, a $30.77 decrease in Minot and an $18.83 decrease in Poland.

The budget votes in each town were: Mechanic Falls, 77-47; Minot, 54-13; Poland, 156-31.

The budget meeting votes in each town were: Mechanic Falls, 90-33; Minot, 55-12; Poland, 132-52.

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