I am and have always been a resident of Auburn and attended only Auburn Schools, including Central Maine Community College. My parents and children did the same.
I am beyond excited about the new Edward Little High School; but I am also beyond frustration with the opposition.
In 1995, Auburn needed a new school. In 2005, Auburn needed a new school. In 2025, Auburn needs a new school.
I rarely see more complaints about tax increases than I see when something is to benefit the children — the fence along the river, new schools, new buses, just to name a few. It seems that the generation of residents who don’t have up-and-coming children in the schools and in the community are the ones deciding what the children should or shouldn’t have.
I have children in the schools and in the arts programs. I know that our children are the only hope for future prosperity and economic strength. And their children will be the stronger of their generation.
Nothing comes before the children. Their safety, their education and their success are what matter, and it is up to Auburn residents to vote correctly. Voting “yes” is a vote for the children and for the city.
Auburn hasn’t invested in its schools or the children in a long time. Now is the time. Today’s students deserve better than the mess residents might leave them if students aren’t put first.
Vote for a new high school — labs, fields, concert hall, Google Step, etc. Vote for the children.
Brooke Lachance, Auburn


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