Oquossoc Lady II and Nomad

Over Memorial Day weekend, Rangeley Lake saw two new additions to her beautiful waters. The family-owned and operated waterborne businesses Rangeley Region Lake Cruises & Kayaking and Just Add Water Floating Camps are dually excited to announce the launch of the Oquossoc Lady II and Floating Camp Roam for their 2019 Summer Seasons in Rangeley.

Kevin and Doreen Sinnett have been successfully operating Rangeley Region Lake Cruises & Kayaking since 2009 and have become a summer vacation staple in the Rangeley Region. As a locally run small business, they enjoy welcoming Rangeley visitors and natives aboard their scenic lake cruises and guided kayak trips where they provide a striking new perspective of our area.

In 2018, their daughter, Rheanna, decided to expand the lake excursion options by starting her own business, but this time with a slightly different take on the Rangeley Lake experience. Drawing from the experience and advice of her parents, she created Just Add Water Floating Camps where vacationers can completely immerse themselves in the quiet calm of Rangeley Lake while staying aboard two stunningly designed houseboats with a western Maine feel.

Rangeley Region Lake Cruises & Kayaking is expanding its lake cruise offerings with the launch of the 36-foot Oquossoc Lady II, a custom-built lake cruiser. With the ever-increasing popularity of their scenic lake and sunset cruises, Kevin and Doreen will now offer expanded cruising options that will include weekly live “Music on the Lake” Cruises and Charters that will allow guests to bring food and beverage aboard.

The Oquossoc Lady II, with its larger seating capacity of 29 passengers, has already paid dividends with three new motor coach and two Maine Senior College groups booked for summer 2019, bringing much needed day-trippers to the local business community.

Just Add Water Floating Camps, the emerging Rangeley vacation experience, will now offer two Floating Camps available for overnight accommodation and floating excursions on Rangeley Lake. The 32-foot Floating Camp Nomad had its soft opening late last summer and was met with great interest and several overnight stays on the lake.


This summer, the 30-foot Floating Camp Roam will join Nomad as the business continues to carefully expand by not only offering guests a one-of-a-kind floating tiny house experience, but also remaining respectful of the quiet, serene waters of Rangeley Lake. Nomad will also be available for very private lake cruises, sunset cruises, cocktail cruises and charters on Rangeley Lake.

Both vessels were painstakingly crafted by Maine boat builder Rick Keith of DESIGNWORKS / ECOCATS in Falmouth. The Sinnetts wanted vessels that not only functioned in their expanding businesses, but also seamlessly integrated into the surroundings, attractively adding to the beauty of the lake.

Rick and his wife, Sue, both master artists, have created just that with Oquossoc Lady II and Roam.

More information about Rangeley Region Lake Cruises & Kayaks and Just Add Water Floating Camps may be found at Rangeleylakecruise.com and TheFloatingNomad.com

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