Selectmen going over items on the agenda. From left to right: Selectman Norm Milliard, Select woman Amy Chapman and Selectman Arnie Jordan. Samuel Wheeler


GREENWOOD — In what was his first meeting as selectman, Norm Milliard immediately made his presence felt at Tuesday’s meeting.

He proposed making changes to the current meeting agenda format.

“There is always warrants on the list but nothing is ever explained on what the money’s for,” Milliard said.

Milliard said he had from people who had attended meetings in the past who were concerned because they did not know [on] what the what the money was being spent, regarding warrants on the agenda.

“What I am proposing is that any expenditure that is above $50,000 when we propose a warrant approval and we approve it, that we are specific about why it is so high compared to other warrants,” Milliard said. It would just provide a little more specificity in how we spend the public’s money.”

“Warrants are available to anyone, they are public documents,” Town Manager Kim Sparks explained.

Other business

In other business selectmen:

  • unanimously approved Selectwoman Amy Chapman as chairman of the board. Chapman was nominated by Selectman Arnie Jordan. Selectman Fred Henderson had previously served as the board chair. Henderson was defeated by Milliard for the open seat on the board on June 13. Henderson had been selectman in the town for 18 years.
  •  reviewed and signed a Local Road Assistance Certification for the Maine Department of Transportation.
  • noted that the grills at the Greenwood shores rest area will be removed soon. Road Foreman Alan Seames said that he had recently done clean up work over at the rest are and said the grills had been filled with garbage. “It was a big consensus when we did the roadside clean up that the predominance of trash we found at the rest area was stuffed in the grills,” Milliard said.


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