LIVERMORE — Monday night Selectpersons voted unanimously to approve the bid of $376,849.20 from Pike Industries Inc. of Fairfield to pave part of Waters Hill Road.

The board tabled a decision on the project Monday, July 8. Both bids submitted came in higher than the $378,500 approved by voters at the annual town meeting in June.

Highway foreman Roger Ferland was asked to contact the companies to see if they would revise their bids.

“This time I tried to keep it (the bids) apples to apples with the same amounts of gravel and fabric. This is where we came in,” Ferland said.

Pike’s initial bid was $382,925.20.

All States Materials Group, Windham submitted an initial bid of $414,569. Their revised bid was $384,195.69.


“The biggest adjustment was the gravel in the base of the road,” Ferland replied when asked about the differences in the revised bids.

Ferland told Selectpersons roadside mowing is expected to begin next week.

The board asked Administrative Assistant Amy Byron to obtain more information about flashing road signs available through the Department of Transportation.

Resident Roland Morin who lives across from Brettun’s Pond on Federal Road (Route 4) had requested the signs.

“Cars start speeding up at Church Street. They step on the gas going 55 to 60 miles per hour,” Morin said. “What’s the use of having a speed limit if people don’t respect it?”

He shared instances where he followed people travelling at 65 mph or had people upset when Morin slowed down when the speed limit changed to 40 mph.


“My stepson was broad sided last February. It totaled his car, he thought he was going to be killed,” Morin said. “There’s a curve there. It’s hard to see our house. He was familiar with it. My wife has lived there 25 years.”

Selectperson Brett Deyling asked if there was a Blind Drive sign there.

“People come up on that driveway pretty quick. A sign could help alert people to it. No batteries would be needed,” he said. Byron said she didn’t think there was such a sign there.

Morin said he had spoken with former Livermore Selectperson Tim Kachnovich, who works for the Androscoggin County Sheriff Department about putting a sign up. Kachnovich told him a sign wouldn’t do any good.

“I’m requesting that a flashing sign be allowed to be put up. If people are going over the speed limit it might remind them,” Morin said. Byron had spoken with Tim Soucy at the DOT in Wilton. The DOT would provide the sign which is battery operated. Livermore would be responsible for installing costs and battery maintenance.

Selectperson Ben Guild suggested Morin ask about increasing sheriff department patrols. “I’ve seen two officers at the cemetery across from us in the 12 years I’ve lived there,” Morin said.


Byron was asked to get additional information on sign options and costs from the DOT. Morin obtained the dispatch number for the sheriff’s department.

In other business, the board:

  • approved a catering permit for the United Way of the Tri–Valley area to hold a private event at the Norlands on September 14.
  • announced the Household Hazardous Waste Day would be Saturday morning, August 1o.

Regional School Unit 73 will hold a district budget meeting and vote on Thursday, August 22 regarding the proposed Western Maine Regional Service Center. Each of the 10 districts involved must vote to approve joining prior to November.

In May, it was estimated RSU 73 could see $70,000 or more in cost savings and additional funds by joining.

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