President Donald Trump is at it again. While he beamed approvingly, the crowd at his rally in North Carolina chanted “send her back!” when he mentioned Rep. Ilhan Omar’s name. He apparently forgot that he used those words in a tweet a few days earlier.

Later, at a White House meeting, he tried to distance himself from their actions. He said that he disagreed with the crowd but he made it abundantly clear that the four congresswomen he has criticized have “… a big obligation — an obligation to love your country.”

What chutzpah! That is the same Donald Trump who avoided service in the Vietnam War with a dubious medical deferment for crippling bone spurs. Apparently his love of country couldn’t overcome his fear of death.

I would love to meet the young man who served in his place. Hopefully that man lived to be an old age and escaped a soldier’s grave. I would thank him for his love of this country.

George Howitt, Lewiston

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