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Curtain goes up on the Annual “DIVA Show: Pop Culture” on Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday, July 25-26 & 28-29, 2019 at 7:30 PM at the RFA Lakeside Theater in Rangeley. The Box Office will open at 6:30 PM before each show and seats are still available for all shows. This year’s show will feature great songs through the decades interspersed with dramatic/comedic snippets from classic TV shows. If you can guess every show, you can win a chance for two free movies passes!  To reserve your seat in advance, visit www.rangeleyarts.org and click on the “Buy Tickets” tab at the top of the page.  First-Night: $15, all other nights: $20, Youth (18 and under) is $10 for all shows!  Enjoy Cash bar (beer/wine) and appetizers both before and during the show.  The RFA is a not-for-profit org “Bringing the Arts to Life!” in the Rangeley Region. Show here L to R: on knees: Averie Flewelling, Adam Crump, Braylon Heatley, Meredith McMillan; seated Aurora Wetherill, Brittany Wetherill, Connor Elles, Owen Sinclair, Anne Crump, Jessica House, standing: Dennis O’Neil, Adrian Heatley, Amanda Christian, Erin Smith, Daxxtyn Williams, Back Row: Les Hoekstra, Pam Morse, Kerry Gardner, Mike Sherrod, Missing: Ben Andrews, Autumn-Skye Williams, Laura Harperink, Sonja Johnson, Tim Straub, Noah Bonnell, Ariel Clinch, Hanna McMilan, Lindsay Toothaker, Kat Zachary, Brianna and Maxwell Rush. RFA Staff Photo

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