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Do you ever think that cancer isn’t likely, and there’s no way it could happen to you, or to your family? Think again. There are 1,735,350 cases of cancer per year, says the National Cancer Institute, based on a 2011-2015 cases, and the way companies are adding more chemicals that are carcinogenic, it’s only going to get worse. This is why we should ban, cancer-causing chemicals. You could be not only hurting yourself, but others around you, including your family. You could be using tons of chemicals daily that are carcinogenic, from very common brands but also, the FDA needs to have more power, and do more, to stop it.

We should ban cancer-causing chemicals, because not only could you be harming yourself, but others around you. Most people know by this point in time, that cigarettes, e-cigarettes, tobacco, and other similar products have dangerous chemicals, some of them carcinogenic (cancer causing substances). But what most people don’t know, is that not only are you affected by the horrendous chemicals you are putting in your system, but people around you are as well.

For example, the cigarette has a filter inside to filter some of the chemicals. But when people near you breathe in the smoke, they are in the same danger as you. The chemicals you are breathing in are also in the smoke. But the worst part, they don’t even have a filter. As a result, people that don’t even smoke can get lung cancer. In fact, 9% to 15% of people get lung cancer from breathing in the dangerous chemicals around them, including the smoke, says the American Lung Association.

The same study says that in addition to lung cancer, another dangerous medical condition that is likely is chronic bronchitis. This is when you nearly always have a cough, a bad one that won’t go away. Lastly, if you are near someone that smokes often, you are 12 to 13 more times likely to get chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). So why would you want to use these carcinogenic products when they are also harming your family, and people you care about?

Secondly, we should ban cancer-causing chemicals because there are more chemicals hurting you and your family than you realize! For example, Campaign For Safe Cosmetics used a private laboratory to test children’s bath products, and the results are something that should alarm you. They averaged that 17 of 28 (61%) of the bath products tested were filled with carcinogens, which include formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane, and that was in young children’s products!

Not only that, but in addition to carcinogens in bath products, there were cases of carcinogens in drinking water! “A new statistical analysis indicates that people who drink chlorinated water run a 21 percent greater risk of bladder cancer and a 38 percent greater risk of rectal cancer than people who drink water with little or no chlorine. There is no proof that chlorine itself actually causes cancer; however, investigators think something in chlorinated water may act as a carcinogen,” says Science News/Society for Science and the Public. Furthermore, in the same study, Robert D. Morris of the Medical College of Wisconsin says, “I am quite convinced, based on this study, that there is an association between cancer and chlorinated water.”

An equally important issue is the fact that there are products that have caused non-Hodgkins lymphoma. RoundUp weed killer is a popular weed killer that is still used regularly today. Even though more people than you think know about the lymphoma causing product, it’s sadly still around. In fact, in a 2018 article called the Monsato’s Case on CNN,  reported that more than 800 patients were suing Monsato, the company of RoundUp, for potentially giving them cancer.

Not only has the company Monsanto been ignoring these urgent issues, but they are paying millions for people to keep it as quiet as possible. For example, Dwayne Anthony Lee Johnson, “Lee” for short, has been one of the hundreds of people to get terminal cancer from the product, and also one of the hundreds to get paid over 289 million for the damages. You think that if they had that much money to give out, they could change up the product so it wasn’t so deadly. But what makes it deadly? Glyphosate, which is one of the most common herbicides used to kill weeds, and one of the most deadly. In fact, it has been found that people that use these weed killers, and especially those who use it often, are at a 41% increased risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Not concerned because you don’t use weed killer? According to the Outgoing FDA Chief Gottlieb: FDA Not Equipped to Ensure Safety of Consumer Cosmetics article, talc powder, blush, some eye shadows, and other beauty powders are one of the most common cosmetic products that have carcinogens. While brands like Johnson and Johnson claim they have taken care of the issue, the Newswire Association, (NWA ), has documents that show the company knew about the carcinogenic chemicals for decades, so why would they do anything now? Not only is Johnson and Johnson to blame though. Other brands have also been caught with dangerous products. If there are already so many products out there that we know of, it’s frightening to think about how many products we don’t know are out there.

Finally, I think that we should ban cancer causing chemicals because the FDA needs more power, and needs to do more to stop it. Brands like Johnson and Johnson got away with selling these products because the FDA had no real authority to look into the products, as long as Johnson and Johnson said they did an investigation, says the NWA.

But when you think about it, wouldn’t a company just want whatever was best for them? Nevertheless, the FDA attempted to get the Claires company lobbyists to agree with them and demand a recall, but they ignored it. While they did have some success getting them to take certain products off the shelves, not all were removed, as the companies wanted to keep their best selling makeup. This is why the FDA needs to be re-updated, companies are getting away with too much.

Cancer-causing products must be banned. Some may say that there is not a high likelihood of getting cancer, but I believe they are wrong if you look at the stats again. 1,735,350 cases per year are too many. Cigarettes and tobacco are not only hurting you, but people you care about, with one of the most traumatizing diseases, cancer. Big companies that don’t think before they sell and are hurting thousands of people and their families, and don’t realize the severity of the situation. You may think that you don’t use any of these products, but there are so many that we must not know about yet, if the FDA has no way to demand anything to bigger companies being investigations, recalls, cancellation of products, or otherwise. Cancer is an abhorrent disease, don’t let it ruin your life, and people you care about.


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