The word “racist” is being thrown around the national political circles and, in these days of progressive political correctness, that word is supposed to carry some devastating weight.

What does it really mean?

My dictionary says it means “prejudice against another race.”

That led me to the definition of “prejudice.” My dictionary says it is “an opinion formed beforehand, usually an unfavorable one based on insufficient knowledge, irrational feelings, or inaccurate stereotypes; irrational dislike, or an unfounded fear, hate or trust.”

Some black politicians play a game with that word. If they make an error or are negligent and are criticized for it, particularly by a white person, that criticism is labeled a “racist” remark. What it is really is one person noting an error by another. However, some black politicians seem to not be able to own up to their mistakes and, instead, try to protect themselves with a “racial prejudice” defense.

There are politicians of many colors who are not man (or woman) enough to admit failure or a mistake. If they would, they could be respected for it, since we all are human and make errors.

However, the fat morsel of a government job is so delicious that most people (who are richly paid by the government) will go to great lengths to keep that job, not wanting to be found incompetent and lose the job.

That is found among those in Congress who don’t want an opponent to exploit their error.

Thomas Shields, Auburn

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