Langlois Investment Holdings, Scarborough, to Tahoe Holdings, Sebago, property at 543 Main Street, $260,000.

TD Bank NA, Wilmington, DE, to Secretary of Veterans Affair an Officer of the United States, property at 37 Brunswick Street.

Basant Paradis, Old Town, to Raifa Dimerty, Murrells Inlets, SC, property at 53 Perkins Avenue.

Amanda May, Old Town, to Steven and Mary Beth Grim, Round Lake, IL, property at 4 Oak Street, $159,000.

Mark and Erin Sturgeon, Brunswick, to Jessie and Nikolett Grace, Old Town, property at 21 Eaton Street, $169,900.

Richard Dupuis, Old Town, to Rose Dupuis, Bangor, property at 66 Carroll Street.


Rose Dupuis, Bangor, to Borg Holdings LLC, Glenburn, property at 66 Carroll Street, $90,000.

Raifa Dimetry, Murrell Inlet, SC, to Shauna and Daniel Fitzgerald, Lancaster, MA, property at 53 Perkins Avenue, $150,000.

Leona Cary, Millinocket, to Catherine Lemay, Millinocket, property at 14 Garland Street.

Catherine Lemay, Millinocket, to Borg Holdings LLC, Glenburn, property at 14 Garland Street, $67,500.

Brian and Theresa Griffin, Hodgdon, to Rail Properties LLC, Hermon, property at 169 Veazie Street, $125,000.

Ernest Grant, Levant, to Nickolas Grant, Levant, property at 2198 Bennoch Road, $138,000.


Daniel and Karen Belknap, Damariscotta, to Alexis Scott and Joshua Bailey, Old Town, property at 46 Bachelder Road, $155,000.

City of Old Town, to Habitat for Humanity of Greater BAngor, property at 159 Perkins Avenue.

City of Old Town, to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Bangor, property at 18 Bosworth Street.

Fannie Mae, AKA Federal National Mortgage, Plano, TX, to James and Katie Harmon, Ellsworth, property at 75 Burnham Street, $96,015.

Anthony and Deborah Guay, Bow, NH, to US Bank Trust, NA, as Trustee for LSF10 Master Participation Trust, Oklahoma City, OK, property at 24 North Tiery Street.

Bennoch Road Associates Inc., Stillwater, to Father Druillette Building Association Incorporated, Old Town, property at 5 Gilman Falls Avenue.


Lynette Cassidy and Patrick Quinn, Old Town, to Christine Dexter and Ryan Allen, Old Town, property at 22 Harding Street.

Song Ping Wang, Taichung, Taiwan, to Jeen-An Han and Chen Li-Ting, Neihu, Taiwan, property at 433 Bennoch Road, $120,000.

Ian and Gregort Anderson, Hampton, TN, to Tanadon LLC, Orono, property at 403 Fourth Street, $105,500.

David Stover, Carmel, to Ali Abedi and Mahoumeh Esfahani, Orono, property at 394 Stillwater Avenue, $162,000.

Estate of Margaret A. Grant, Waterboro, to Tony McNeely and Kim Jackson, Old Town, property at 44 Summer Street, $109,000.

United States of America Housing, Washington DC, to Matthew and Janice Niles, Milford, property at 40 Wood Street, $36,500.


Andrei Alyokhin and Sayoko Mori, Old Town to Noah French, Orono, property at 144 Lincoln Street, $131,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, Greenville, SC< to El Property Solutions Inc., Bangor, property at 52 Lincoln Street, $50,500.

Lawrence and Michele Bowlan, Bangor, to Fitzpatrick Holdings LLC, Brewer, property at 145 Brunswick Street, $165,000.

Burns Avery, Milford, to J&C Marketing, Argyle, property at 546 Main Street, $269,000.

Carolyn and Andre Martel, Bowie, MD, to Thomas Bouchard, Old Town, property at 2 King Street, $104,900.

Lloyd and Helen Buzzell, Old Town, to Judy Groth, Bangor, property at 807 Woodland Avenue, $293,300.


Lloyd and Helen Buzzell, Old Town, to Judy Groth, Bangor, property at 804 Woodland Avenue, $56,700.

David Therrien, Milford, to Ronald and Susan Austin, Stillwater, property off Kirkland Road, $20,000.

Renee and Dwight Emerich, Lincoln Park, NJ, to Marsh Island Holdings LLC, Lincoln Park, NJ, property at 693 College Avenue.

Donald and Kelly Smith, Hampden, to Michael Townsend, Milford, property at 872 Stillwater Avenue, $99,500.

Bank of America, NA, Plano, TX, to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Oklahoma City, OK, property at 180 Fourth Street.

Prof-2013-S# Legal Title Trust, by US Bank National Association, as Legal Title Trust, Highlands Ranch, CO, to Prof-2013-S# Legal Title Trust, by US Bank National Association, as Legal Title Trust, Highlands Ranch, CO, property at 1013 Main Street, $269,768.


Elizabeth Wilder, Derry, NH, to Kevin Wilder, Derry, NH, property at 124 Jefferson Street.

Steven Howe, Old Town, to Top Notch Holdings LLC, Bangor, property at 155 Prentiss Street, $57,450.

Judith Grith, Bangor, to Jeffrey Street, Old Town, property at 804 Woodland Avenue.

Shane and Kimberly Rogers, Bangor, to SClass Homes LLC, Bangor, property at 599 Brunswick Street.

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