PARIS — Scott McElravy and Carlton Sprague won seats on the Board of Selectmen in a special election Thursday night.

They will fill the seats vacated by John Andrews and Gary Vaughn in June.

Town Clerk Elizabeth Knox said the vote tallies for the four candidates were Sprague, 216, McElravy, 178, Robert Wessels, 158, and Janet Jamison, 113.

According to previous reporting, Vaughn and Andrews resigned from the five-member board following the June 17 annual town meeting. They were elected to three-year terms in 2017. The board had been operating with three members: Peter Kilgore, elected at the town meeting in June, Chris Summers and Chairman Rusty Brackett.

Sprague, a political newcomer, wrote in a campaign preview this month that he was “a believer in small government, a strong Second Amendment supporter and a team player.”

McElravy, who has served on the Budget Committee, wrote that he is “conservative by nature, has common sense, acknowledges that he does not know everything, but is most willing to work hard for the town.”


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