I find it very interesting that when there is talk of impeachment of the president, there has to be talk of crimes and misdemeanors. I believe that with his every utterance Donald Trump commits crimes and misdemeanors.

I believe that people need to look at this president as simply a terrible, bad, misguided, sick man who has no idea what he is doing and, based on that, he should be fired. He has fired people for doing less than what he does on a daily basis.

I believe that if there were anyone in the private sector performing as he does, they would have been fired long ago.  Why is it so difficult to determine that his job performance is dangerous and very questionable daily?

Regardless of his consistent claims of success, I believe he is bringing about unrest and presents questionable attitudes that some people have acted upon, not only in this country, but in the world.

It simply continues to get worse by the day when one considers the many places he butts into which, as president, he has no business involving himself.

In my view, he is a criminal and qualifies for immediate dismissal.

Whomever people would consider as being the worst president ever, Trump takes the prize, hands down.

Marc Jalbert, Lewiston

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