I had spent most of my adult life trying to avoid pregnancy and was shocked to find out I was pregnant shortly after my 44th birthday. I decided to have a medication abortion, but the first available appointment was in Concord, N.H., about a two-hour drive each way.

I am a self-employed artist. Although I was preparing for a major museum show, I was able to take the time off to travel to New Hampshire. But, because I couldn’t get care at home, my insurance wouldn’t help. I had a remaining balance on a credit card that l used to pay the fee.

I feel incredibly lucky that I had the resources to take time off from work, pay for and travel to take one pill. I know not everyone does. I can’t imagine being younger or scared and having to figure out how to pay for care because health insurance wouldn’t.

I was relieved when Maine passed a law guaranteeing insurance coverage of abortion. But now a few extreme groups are trying to use a “People’s Veto” against the new law so that insurance companies can once again deny abortion care — even in cases of rape.

No matter how people feel about abortion, I think most will agree that it’s a personal decision. It is not one politicians, neighbors or an insurance company gets to make.

I am hoping that, if asked, people will decline to sign the People’s Veto petition.

Protect safe, legal abortion in Maine.

Tanja Hollander, Auburn

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