A headstone at Maple Grove Cemetery on Marshall Street in Mechanic Falls was knocked over Wednesday afternoon, possibly by a truck trying to maneuver a tight corner, a cemetery officer said. Two other stones were also damaged. Jon Bolduc/Sun Journal

MECHANIC FALLS — Local police are investigating how three headstones in Maple Grove Cemetery on Marshall Street were damaged late Wednesday afternoon.

Lucille Hodsdon of Norway, treasurer of Mechanic Falls Maple Grove Cemetery Inc., said she received a call from a Mechanic Falls police officer Wednesday and viewed the damage Thursday morning. She said vandals could be responsible, or it could have been a large truck that couldn’t make the tight corner on the roadway.

“The stone had just been pushed,” she said. “To me, it was like it was almost like there was a good-sized truck that couldn’t make the turn and backed up, and there might have been something that hit the stone, and they didn’t realize it. There’s not a lot of room to make a corner.”


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