To the Editor:
The world is a chaotic mess, at the moment. Frankly, no one knows how to fix any of it. The issues we must confront lie deep in our social structures. The labels we fight for are the very thing keeping us divided.
I find, the only way out of this is to build value for compassion. It’s not just America, but a problem humans face, globally. It’s the age old tale of uniting and working together to overcome the enemy. The enemy, now, is fear.
This is the reason we are so drawn to community, as humans, is to protect each other. However, we are more divided than ever before. The world doesn’t need a super hero to save it. To teach compassion means teaching people that we are all heroes, in our own little ways.
I would like to draw attention to a volunteer group called HONOR. A group of individuals who donate their time as our favorite super heroes to raise money for the Barbara Bush Foundation. They are showing youngsters that you don’t need super powers to be heroes. All you need is a little compassion and you can save lives.
If we all took a page from these heroes’ stories, imagine the change we could impact. Take the one thing you love to do and find a way to use it, beneficially. Life isn’t about competition. We can all help each other succeed. One heart at a time, groups like HONOR can show people how small change leads to wondrous opportunity to grow together.
The next event for HONOR Heroes is on September 29th at Norway Soft Serve on Main Street in Norway from 11-7. Come take pictures and eat ice cream with your favorite hero. You’re support is not only for the Barbara Bush Foundation but the idea that we can all make a difference.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Winter Lewis

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