I read with interest a recent letter criticizing U.S. Sen. Susan Collins (Leela Stockley, Sun Journal, Sept. 18) and decided to do a simple Google search on the writer. Imagine my surprise when my search led me directly to the “news team” page of the University of Maine campus newspaper.

I fully support and encourage young people being involved in politics, but I long for the days when “reporters” maintained objectivity and presented facts in an unbiased fashion.

That student “reporter” knows full well that the “town hall” event was fake and put on by a dark-money funded group intent on attacking Sen. Collins.

Polls show Americans have lost trust in the media and reporters who present their partisan opinions only make matters worse.

Now, more than ever, the public needs journalists they can trust. It is unfortunate that bias has become acceptable “journalism” these days.

Nathen Cloutier, Durham

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