LEE HORTON, SPORTS EDITOR: Big win by Leavitt over Wells last week, snapping the Warriors’ 33-game win streak. What did you learn from that, and what does it signify about the remainder of the C South season, all the way through the regional final? Should the two high-caliber teams play again in the postseason, would you rather be the team that lost the regular season or the team that won?

WIL KRAMLICH, SPORTS REPORTER: The prevailing sentiment going into last weekend’s game was that the winner was going to be in the driver’s seat in C South. It’s hard to believe that Leavitt isn’t now the team to beat in the region, if it wasn’t already prior to beating Wells.

What I most learned from the game was that Leavitt just seems to be a little bit more dynamic than Wells. That combination of size and skill might be what sets the Hornets apart from everybody else. They out-muscled pass-happy York team and out-passed run-first Wells team.

With that being said, Leavitt still has a big game to get through this week on the road against a Cape Elizabeth team that nearly beat Wells in Wells. The Hornets had the fortune of playing both York and Wells at home, so a road trip to Cape’s turf could be a bit of a different test. They certainly have the personnel, coaching staff and experience to get the job done, but the games are played for a reason.

The region still won’t be completely decided even after this week, especially since Wells and York still having to play in Week 8. That game might determine the No. 2 seed, or if Leavitt loses this week, maybe the No. 1 seed. However things shake out these next two weeks, the Hornets in any case won’t have an easy road to a possible regional final. Last week’s win means they probably won’t have to go on the road, but their margin for error will still be small once they face one of the other top four teams again.

And for that last part of Lee’s question, ask Wells coach Tim Roche which team he would rather be. I would imagine he would have wanted to be the team that won, as would Leavitt coach Mike Hathaway. Neither of these coaches or teams need any extra motivation for big games or rematches.


ADAM ROBINSON, SPORTS REPORTER: I think it’s hard to not look at Leavitt as the king of the C South mountain after its impressive win over Wells last week.

Week-to-week the Hornets find what works early, then pound their opponent over the head with it over and over again. Against Wells, Leavitt quarterback Wyatt Hathaway found out that the air was clear for throws over the middle and down the sideline, and he threw efficiently all game. As for Wells, the passing game was a non-threat and all of its offense came on the ground.

Leavitt was stopped a couple of times, but as the game went on the offense also began to find its footing and become increasingly explosive.

Wells should be semi-worried right now after the Hornets found a way to contain Payton MacKay on the ground better than he has been all season. Another thing to consider is how close the Warriors are to having two losses. They escaped their game with Cape Elizabeth with a one-point win by stopping a would-be game-winning two-point conversion.

I think the C South picture will be crystal clear after Leavitt travels to Cape this Friday. A dominating win on the road to the team currently ranked fourth in the division should erase any lingering doubt as to who the top dogs are.

Wells coach Tim Roche was adamant after Saturday’s game that he was not concerned with his team’s win streak and that he was excited to get back to practice. There’s no doubt that the Warriors have been tested this week by Roche, and if the Hornets have to play them again in the playoffs, it’ll be physical, challenging, and maybe a different result. I still think Leavitt is the team to beat in Class C, and home-field advantage in the playoffs would be a massive help.

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