Even after 16 years of being a Realtor, I remain inspired by the beginning to the Realtor Code of Ethics: “Under all is the land. Upon its wise utilization and widely allocated ownership depend the survival and growth of free institutions and of our civilization.”

How true.

And yet, what does private ownership of land and buildings matter if we do not own our bodies? If we cannot assess risk versus benefit and act accordingly? If we lose the decision-making in what happens medically to our minor children?

I am passionate about studying health — a 40-plus year journey. Holding an M.S.Ed, I also have a heart for kids. One thing I know: children today are not healthier than when I was a child. And infections are not the problem.

Can something that began as an advantage now be working against us? Like pain killers — a boon in the beginning yet used as prescribed has yielded a crisis of addiction and overdoses? Asthma, ADHD, SIDS, diabetes, cancer — all present in children in unprecedented numbers..

As highly as we may value private ownership, I think we can all agree that people matter more. Shall we surrender to government using force for vaccinations?

And make no mistake about it: denying kids access to private and public schools and colleges if they haven’t been vaccinated is force.

I hope others will join me in voting “yes” on 1 in March.

Retain our choice.

Kathleen Szostek, Livermore Falls

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