Members of the Farmington public works crew hang Christmas wreaths downtown Wednesay morning. From left are Ron Jalbert, Patrick McHugh, Melissa Dunton on ladder, and Gary York. Donna M. Perry/Sun Journal

FARMINGTON — Do the red bows on the Christmas wreaths go on the top or the bottom?

Patrick McHugh, center, makes a cellphone call to a veteran Farmington public works crew member Wednesday morning to ask if bows on the Christmas wreaths go on the bottom or top. Co-workers Ron Jalbert, left, and Melissa Dunham, right, wait for the answer, which was the bottom. Donna M. Perry/Sun Journal

Members of the town’s public works crew encountered the dilemma Wednesday morning as they hung wreathes on Main Street. They had a pickup truckload full of wreaths to hang along Main Street and Broadway.

They had already hung a couple that had the bows on the top. Melissa Dunham told her fellow employees the bows go on the bottom. After trying to determine which way the bows looked better and some laughs, Patrick McHugh decided to make a quick call to a veteran worker with the department to see where the bows went.

The word came back: bows go on the bottom.

McHugh and Gary York held the ladder for Dunham as she climbed up to hang a wreath from the bracket on a light pole. McHugh passed her a tie to hold the wreath in place. Ron Jalbert helped with ties and holding wreaths.

From there it was quick work as they made their way around the downtown.

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